Things you should know about Little Einsteins’ June

Little Einsteins June

I am sure that we all love the adorable animated television series called The Little Einsteins. It is a lovely educational preschool series created by Douglas Wood. The incredibly talented director not only created the concept of the animation but the characters as well. The series firstly aired on Playhouse Disney in the UK on October 3, 2005. It features the adventures of the five best friends and the one we are going to present here: Little Einsteins’ June.

The most important characters are Leo, Annie, Quincy, June, and Rocket. Their primary duty is to teach the young preschool students a lot of curiosities about the world that we live in now. Through their unique personalities and joyful souls, they have become real role models for the younger generation. But now, our primary focus will be on our beloved and talented June. Do you want to see how much you actually know about Little Einsteins’ June? Then join us in our journey and find out why she is so popular!

June’s Background

Little Einsteins’ June is a lovable young girl at the age of six, with big brown eyes and beautiful dark hair. You will mostly see her wearing a purple sleeveless shirt with a fluffy tutu. She will also have some red ballet shoes to match with this adorable outfit. Her personality is even more delightful than the appearance. June is extremely friendly, talkative and genuinely passionate about everything that she is doing. And her most favorite activity is dancing. She simply adores dancing, especially ballet. Our little June could practice ballet on literally any type of music and in any weather conditions.

She is not only a very skilled dancer but a dedicated teacher as well. Throughout the episodes, you will see her having ballet classes with four blue-footed booby birds. She has to teach them how to dance with grace and elegance. And all of the children that are watching can follow her moves and lessons too since it is an educational television series.

There are a few situations amongst the Little Einsteins Games in which you will also see June practicing her passion. In the June’s Big Dance Recital Game, for example, you will be able to join June into her rehearsals for a great dancing recital. As she is extremely talented, you get to choose the music that you want June to dance to, because she can dance on anything.

June is the daring, smart and sportive member of the team.  Even though she gets easily scared and might seem a little frightened sometimes, she will always be there to help her team no matter what. And did you notice the fact that she manages to solve the team’s problems through dancing every time?

Little Curiosities

We are sure that you knew all of the above already. But let us awe you with some fun facts that you did not know about Little Einsteins’ June. Even though Leo is the leader of the Little Einsteins Club, the creator actually designed June to be the main character. Voiced by the actress Erica Huang, she appears in all of the episodes.

She is the most active teacher of them all, with the highest numbers of lessons thought to the audience. She is also the only character in the television series that wears any type of jewelry. June is also the only Asian character in the TV series. This is due to the creator’s desire to create a little multicultural universe.

And since we have talked about multiculturality, June is the only one that knows all of the national dances around the world. Her favorite dance move of all times is the leap. You can see her in the “I Love to Conduct” episode, leaping across the water while on the back of some whales.

Dresses and Friends

Did you know that her name was given after the sixth month of the calendar? It was meant to match her happy personality. And yes, we all know her classic purple shirt and the fluffy tutu. But sometimes she changes her outfit. In the Halloween episode, she wore a black dress with a red belt. Also, as she wanted to be a beautiful princess, in “The Glass Slipper Ball” she wore a fancy golden dress. She never wears socks with her ballet shoes, but in the episode “Show and Tell”, she decided to make an exception.

She has a different type of relationship with all of the other characters. June is actually in love with Leo, the leader. He is her favorite friend, and she really likes to be around him all the time. In the first episode, she expresses her love for Leo by hugging him tightly. Annie is the singer of the group and June’s best friend. June’s creativity will always help her create delightful dances to go with Annie’s songs. And last, but not least Quincy, who is just like a brother to June. Amongst her friends are also the four little birds. She is not only their teacher but their companion and dancing partner. You can learn to dance from June alongside those lovely birds in the Blue-Footed Booby Bird Ballet Game as well.

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The Parks

The television series is not the only place you can see Little Einsteins’ June. You can also meet her in person in one of the Disney-themed Parks. She even made an appearance as a puppet in a show played in the Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park. She meets and greets people in the Disney World Parks as well, just like the other Little Einsteins.

These are only a few of the thousand existing facts about the lovely character June. We hope that we satisfied your curiosity about her. Join her and her little friends in the Little Einsteins Games too. Learn to dance alongside June and the friendly Blue-Footed Booby Birds. And always remember no matter where you see Little Einsteins’ June, just take her by the hand and start dancing like nobody is watching!

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