Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in London

🐑 Explore London in the Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in London game! Help Shirley, Shaun, and Timmy puzzle their way home through this fun city adventure.

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About Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in London Game

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Dive into the Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in London game, where our three favorite sheep embark on an unexpected city adventure. After sneaking into the Farmer's van, Shirley, Shaun, and Timmy find themselves in the bustling streets of London, far from their peaceful farm. This game brings the countryside to the city, combining clever puzzles with the charm of London's landmarks.

Your mission is to navigate Shirley, Shaun, and Timmy through the city to find their way back home. Each sheep brings their own special skills to the team, and you'll need to use all of them to tackle the puzzles London throws your way. From dodging traffic to climbing rooftops, this adventure is packed with teamwork and brain teasers.

How to Play

Let's start with the controls. Here's all you should know:
- A/D or Left/Right arrow keys: Move left and right
- W or Up arrow key: Jump
- [1-3] keys: Swap between flock members
- N or Spacebar: Proceed to the next level
- R: Restart level

Each sheep, Shirley, Shaun, and Timmy, has a special trick up their sleeve to help the team tackle puzzles and navigate through this bustling city. It's all about working together and using each sheep's unique abilities to get past obstacles.

Shirley is the powerhouse of the group. She's super strong and can push big stuff out of the way. Need to move a heavy box or get a stubborn gate to open? Shirley's your sheep! Her strength is key for solving puzzles that require a bit of muscle.

Shaun is the high-jumper of the flock. He can reach places no one else can, making him perfect for grabbing keys hanging out of reach or hitting those high-up switches. If you see something way up high, it's time for Shaun to leap into action.

Little Timmy is the smallest, but his size is his superpower. He can fit into places the others can't, like tiny tunnels or narrow pipes, making him essential for pressing hidden buttons and fetching items from tight spots. If there's a small opening on the level, Timmy is ready to squeeze through.

What's New in Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in London 

The adventure takes you through 15 levels of puzzles right in the heart of London, where you'll need to think smart to use your smarts to bounce to new heights, dodge traffic, and avoid getting snapped by speed cameras. Each level is a new puzzle where using the sheep together as a team is the fun way to solve challenges and move on.

There's no need to rush; you've got all the time in the world to explore each corner of London and figure out the puzzles. And if you get stuck, just hit restart and try again with a new plan. The game is all about experimenting, having fun, and seeing how Shirley, Shaun, and Timmy can work together to get back home.

So, are you ready to dive into this sheep-led adventure through London? Get ready to use your brain, have a lot of laughs, and see how teamwork makes the dream work. Let's get these sheep back home!

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