Red Ball 4: Volume 3

Start playing the Red Ball 4 - Volume 3 game to bounce and hop your way to victory! Get ready to join our hero as he enters the terrifying box factory!

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Try the Red Ball 4 - Volume 3 game if you think you are a master of physics-based platform adventures! The adventures of everybody's favorite little red ball continue in a new, more dangerous location. Do you have the courage to step inside the box factory and rescue all the red balls from a terrifying fate?

Are you ready to learn more about your mission? The goal is to slide, bounce, and hop your way through the level while collecting as many stars as you can. At the same time, you should defeat all the enemies in sight. Sounds fun, right?

However, you will need to be extremely careful! The obstacles and enemies you will encounter are tougher to beat than ever before. Can you use every element in the environment to your best advantage? It's the only way to reach the end of the game!

How well can you bounce?

The game consists of fifteen levels of increasing difficulty. They are set in the terrifying box factory. The squares use this place to force every being in the universe to become the same. Can you believe that our adorable red ball has come so far? He is so close to stopping this evil plot!

Let's learn more about how you can control your hero! You can use the Left and Right Arrow Keys to make the protagonist roll around the scene. To jump, simply press the Up Arrow. Isn't that easy as pie?

However, if you want to succeed in this game, you will need to pay close attention to your surroundings. The box factory has some new obstacles that you will need to master if you want to reach the end of the level! For example, the lasers will require near-perfect coordination from you, and so will the buttons and switches.

You should also know...

Finally, we should talk about the dangerous foes that you will encounter at this stage of the game. Have you noticed that some of the squares resemble cyborgs? Not only will they be tougher to beat, but they will also explode in your face if you aren't careful.

Can you find a way to use this feature as an advantage? It will come in handy, especially while battling the final boss. Are you brave enough to survive the last fight and set all your fellow red balls free?

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