Red Ball 4: Volume 2

Try the Red Ball 4 - Volume 2 game if you want to bounce around through a dangerous forest! Can you help the red balls defeat the evil squares?

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You must play Red Ball 4 - Volume 2 if you enjoy hopping on platforms and defeating strange foes in your path. It's easy to see that this game relies on your intuitive understanding of physics and taste for adventure! Can you take on the role of a jolly red ball on the journey of his lifetime?

Be careful! You will need to use your wits and reflexes to navigate all the obstacles that stand between the red ball and the end of each level. The final goal is to defeat all the black squares and stop their rule. While you're there, make sure you collect all the stars you can reach!

Can you believe that they want to turn the adorable spheres into red squares? Your mission is to fight for individuality and prove to them that all shapes are just as important!

Learn how to handle your hero!

The game consists of fifteen exciting levels set in a mesmerizing forest. Our tiny red hero has come a long way from the sunny gardens of his homeland! Will he be able to get past new challenges and foes?

Before you get started, you should know the basic controls. To move your red ball, simply press the Left and Right Arrow Keys. Next, try to bounce by pushing the Up Arrow! Can you believe it's as simple as that?

However, if you want to be successful in this game, you need to use your environment wisely. Did you know that the forest is filled with saws, logs of wood, bridges, and even ramps? Use all these interesting features to your advantage if you want to win. For instance, you can use many of the obstacles as traps for your enemies. Isn't that cool?

Speaking of enemies, be prepared to confront a new variety of black square foes! What is that strange creature sporting a bandana? That's right, it's a ninja square! Keep in mind that these dangerous enemies require two blows to disappear!

Besides, you shouldn't forget about the dangerous boss that you need to defeat in the final level! He is much stronger and has a varied range of moves and attacks. Are you brave enough to handle all these dangerous enemies and finish this exciting game?

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