Red Ball 4: Volume 1

Play the Red Ball 4 - Volume 1 game to save the world from the wrath of the black squares! Roll around the scenes and defeat the enemies by jumping on them!

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About Red Ball 4: Volume 1 Game

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Bounce around with the Red Ball 4 - Volume 1 game if you enjoy a good platformer! Step inside a sunny garden and meet the red balls! They used to live together in harmony until the evil squares came in! 

The enemies are trying to convert all the balls into squares. Naturally, this would be a disaster! You can come to their rescue if you agree to play the role of a little red ball. Can you save the day?

Learn how to bounce!

The game consists of fifteen exciting levels, which will test your wits and reflexes. They get increasingly more difficult, so you'd better get practicing!

The gameplay is quite simple. Use the Left and Right Arrows to make the red ball roll around the scene. If you want to jump, just press the Up Arrow or the Space Bar. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it in no time!

The goal of each level is to surpass all obstacles and reach the final checkpoint. Seems like you can't reach that high ledge? Don't worry, just look around! The key to success in this game is to use all the elements in your environment wisely. Do you want some examples?

Make sure you pay close attention to all the boxes! You can use them to climb on tall ledges and reach high places. However, you can also push them over enemies or use them to squash any squares out of the way. How cool!

Useful Tips and Tricks

You will encounter many other cool objects, such as trolleys, huge rolling boulders, and even something called the Hammer of Justice. Take your time to figure out how to best use them, as you don't receive any bonus points for rushing!

The enemies you might encounter are harder to defeat than you might think. You will need to crush them by jumping on top of them. However, be careful not to land on one of the angles! It will make you lose one of your precious three lives.

Beware of the bulls! They are even more dangerous than regular black squares. To begin with, they can move extremely swift, and also charge at you! Try to avoid them at all costs, or attack with precaution!

The more you play, the more achievements you'll unlock! Some of them are specific for a certain level and have cool names, such as the Gored to Death goal. Can you complete them all? You will earn the Diamond Cup!

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