Red Ball vs Green King

Come along for a hopping adventure in the Red Ball vs. Green King game! Avoid the obstacles, defeat the evil Green King, and rescue the princess!

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About Red Ball vs Green King Game

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Oh no! The princess has been kidnapped, and you have to bring her back in the Red Ball vs. Green King game! Your little red friend was enjoying a day out with his girlfriend when the villain got her. Come along on this bouncy adventure and defeat the evil Green King together! 

To bring the princess back, you need to go on a wild chase and reach the top of the building. To do this, you will have to use your survival skills and stay safe. There are many dangers and obstacles on the way, but you have to overcome them all. Will you be able to complete the mission?

How to Play

Before you begin your adventure, you should understand the basics. To move the ball around, you can use the Left and Right arrows on your keyboard or tap on the screen with your mouse. You have to bounce over the obstacles and reach the exit safely. Sounds easy so far, right?

You have to complete 50 different stages to defeat the evil Green King and rescue the princess. Aim for the key in each level, then reach the door to unlock the next room. You will begin the mission with 10 lives, and you should try not to waste them. Once they are all gone, you will have to restart the game from the first stage.

The levels will become more and more difficult as you keep playing. You will come across many obstacles, such as spikes, moving wheels, and floating enemies. Remember that you can take your time and think of a strategy for each stage. Your skills will surely continue to improve!

If you need some extra help, you can try to pick up more lives. They will usually show up in every level you unlock. Just try not to rush, or you might fall into a trap. Use your chances carefully, and you will be able to reach the final floor!

The Red Ball is waiting for your help! Join a thrilling chase and reunite your friend with the princess. Will you be able to defeat the villain?