Polar Rescue

Start a quest of battling the most feared Snow Monster in Polar Rescue game! Use your snowball gun to defeat him and his acolytes!

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About Polar Rescue Game

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Imagine you are the sole survivor of your penguin tribe. You have been gone for months, and when you came back to your village, no one was there. This happened in Polar Rescue game, but nobody knows for sure because they seem to have disappeared overnight.

The rumors though... you have heard them, and you know they were captured by an abominable Snow Monster. He has them all, and he won't release them until you beat him. But first, you have to get to him and avoid all the other obstacles. Let the adventure begin!

How to Play

You can move using the arrows for going forward or backward, spacebar for jumping and the shift button for shooting snowballs at the enemies. Use the ammunition carefully because you won't find snowballs everywhere and try not to get killed.

Even though you have been training with the monks in the mountains for the last months and you know the art of revival, you only have a limited amount of recoveries. Use them wisely, since you will need them in the battle with the Snow Monster.

On your way to the monsters' cave, you will have to fight his dog, a mighty polar bear and try to get past the frozen land and across the dangerous sea of ice.

Each new mini-level brings new challenges like a frozen elevator or ice spikes that can kill you. Avoid the guns that shoot snowballs and try to get that bonus life!

If you want to get a higher score, try to gather the golden stars and make it as quick as possible to the finish. This is a race against all the odds to save your family and friends.

Be brave, take all your courage with you, and rescue them all!