Super Troll Adventures

You'll have so much fun with the Super Troll Adventures game! Can you defeat all the bizarre enemies, collect the coins, and eat all the goodies?

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The Super Troll Adventures game will show you not to judge a book by its cover! This exciting platformer has it all: smooth gameplay, dangerous jumps, unnerving confrontations, and, of course, a lot of fun! Are you ready to become an unusual character of a colorful story?

What do you think about a huge and hairy green creature? Are you terrified by its huge belly and menacing facial expression? Don't worry! The hero of this game will turn out to be quite cute and funny if you spend enough time with him!

Work on your agility and timing to win!

This game consists of a single short, yet very thrilling level. Like any classic platformer, the goal is pretty straightforward. Your mission is to find your way to the end of the level by jumping, dashing, and confronting anything that stands in your way. Can you reach the castle, guarded by a truly terrifying dog? Let's find out!

Learning how to control your loveable green troll is easier than you think! Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to move around. If you want to jump, press the Up Arrow. Want to reach even higher? Then double press the button to do so.

Be warned: you will encounter many strange enemies in your way!  Menacing dogs, mischievous imps, flying wizards, and other unsavory characters will attempt to hurt you. Don't let them touch you; otherwise, you will lose one of your precious three lives! What does it take to defeat them? All you need to do is jump on top of them at the right moment! 

Can you overcome any obstacle?

Pay close attention to your environment if you want to reach the enchanted castle at the end of the level! For instance, you shouldn't try to jump in areas guarded by spikes. The considerable size of the protagonist is a huge disadvantage in this situation. However, with careful planning and a few well-timed jumps, you can surpass any obstacle!

Want to earn a higher score? Make sure you keep an eye out for any goodies in your path! Coins are quite important, so you will often find them in hard to reach places. Can you collect them without getting hurt? 

What is more, there are three delicious pieces of strawberry cake hidden throughout the level. Find them all and give the main hero a delightful treat!

Have you got the hang of it? Don't relax yet! A menacing boss is waiting for you in front of the castle. He is huge and looks extremely dangerous! You will need to jump on him many times to finally defeat him. Therefore, you will need to plan your moves carefully!

This exciting game is filled with unexpected challenges! Are you ready to face them as a loveable green troll? You are in for a lot of fun!

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