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Get ready for an epic battle in the Gun Mayhem game! Choose your character and weapons, and fight against AI opponents alone or with friends!

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Are you ready for an exciting shooting game? Gun Mayhem is a thrilling multiplayer game where you fight against other players or AI opponents. With lots of cool guns and special abilities, you will have a blast trying to knock out your enemies.

Your main objective is to use various weapons to defeat your opponents and knock them off the map. You can choose from different maps, each with its unique challenges, from prehistoric times to modern cities.

The game features a Campaign mode, where you face off against AI opponents in various environments, and a Custom Game mode, where you create your own games with your friends.

Are you ready to show off your fighting skills and dominate the arena?

How to Play

Let's start with the controls. These will vary depending on how many players are in the game. Here's all you need to know:

Player 1: Arrow keys to move, [ key to shoot, ] key to bomb. Player 2: WASD to move, T to shoot, Y to bomb. Player 3: Numpad / 789 to jump, Numpad * to shoot, Numpad - to bomb. Player 4: Numpad 5123 to move, Numpad 0 to shoot, Numpad . to bomb.

Before getting into action, you can customize your character's appearance by choosing a hat, shirt, and handgun. You can also choose one of the following perks:

 - Weightless guns: For improved speed.

 - Minigun: 33% chance of getting Minigun in crates.

 - No recoil: For improved aiming.

 - Extra Ammo: Get 33% more ammo.

 - Extra Nades: +2 more grenades.


At first, you will have a small, light weapon, but you can earn extra points to improve it and buy stronger guns that shoot bigger bullets.

There are 64 different guns to choose from, including submachine guns, snipers, shotguns, assault rifles, and more. During gameplay, support items appear that can help you, such as better weapons or special abilities, so be sure to grab them when you see them!

The game also features a Gun Library section where you can see each weapon's stats and even test them.

Game Modes

There are two main modes in Gun Mayhem - Campaign and Custom Game. You can play with up to 3 friends in both modes!

In Campaign mode, you fight against the computer in different environments. You'll need to complete different missions, like fighting against strange enemies.

In Custom Game mode, you can create your own game with any of the following different options:

 - Last Man Standing: Try to be the last one standing! Pick up weapons from crates to defend yourself.

 - Last Man Standing(Team Mode): Join forces with your friends to be the last team standing! Find weapons together to win.

 - Duck Survival: Can you survive the longest? Play with a friend or by yourself, and use random weapons from crates to stay alive.

 - Gun Game: Keep getting better and better! Eliminate your opponents to level up your weapon and be the first to get a kill with every weapon.

 - 1 Hit Kill: Can you eliminate your enemies with just one shot? Be careful; you only have 5 shots per life!


The game has 12 maps to choose from, including Safari Showdown, Polar Pwnage, and Magic Mushroom Mountain Melee. Your goal is to knock down your opponents off the cliff by shooting them with your guns or bombs.

You can also jump or move around to avoid getting hit by your enemy's bullets. Collect support boxes to get better weapons and abilities, but be careful of the bombs - they can throw you off the cliff too!

Tips & Tricks:

 - Try to stay on the higher platforms to give yourself an advantage.

 - Use your bombs to knock your enemies off the arena.

 - Collect power-ups like extra ammo and speed boosts to help you win.

 - Experiment with different weapons and abilities to find your favorites.

Lastly, you can enjoy endless hours of chaotic fun, leveling up your weapons and unlocking new characters. Whether playing alone or with friends, Gun Mayhem is a game that is sure to keep players on the edge of their seats, ready for the next round of explosive action.

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