Sushi Cat: The Honeymoon

Sushi Cat's bride got kidnapped in Sushi Cat: The Honeymoon game. Help him gobble sushi, grow big, and find her in this new bouncy adventure.

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About Sushi Cat: The Honeymoon Game

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Get ready for another yummy adventure with Sushi Cat: The Honeymoon game! Sushi Cat and his new bride were all set for a romantic trip to Japan! But their romantic getaway takes a terrible turn when the sneaky Bacon Dog kidnaps Sushi Cat's wife! Now, Sushi Cat needs a sushi-loving hero like you to help him get her back.

Time to become a sushi-munching hero! Help Sushi Cat chomp his way through levels filled with delicious sushi. The more he eats, the bigger and stronger he'll become. With every bite, he gets closer to saving the day and finding his true love!

How to Play

Playing is a piece of cake (or, should we say, a piece of sushi)! Just use your mouse to move Sushi Cat around before dropping him into the yummy fun!

Get ready for bouncy mayhem! Once you drop Sushi Cat, he'll go bouncing all over the place, grabbing every piece of sushi in sight. Every tasty bite makes him a little bigger and better at bouncing. The bigger he gets, the easier it is to find all those yummy treats!

Keep an eye on that handy sushi meter on the side of the screen. It shows how much sushi Sushi Cat needs to finish the level. But hey, who doesn't love extra sushi? Every extra piece you collect earns you bonus points! And if you manage to collect every single piece of sushi in a level, you're basically a sushi superstar!

What else you should know

But remember: you only get a few tries to drop Sushi Cat in each level, so choose wisely! Plan your moves to bounce Sushi Cat towards the best sushi spots, and watch out for those extra bonus baskets at the bottom! Guide Sushi Cat into the baskets for even more points! Just remember, the bigger Sushi Cat gets, the easier it is to reach all that yummy stuff!

Ready for a yummy, bouncy adventure? A kidnapped kitty needs a hero! Click to start the fun – can you help Sushi Cat bring his bride home safe and sound?

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