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🐱🍣 Play the Sushi Cat game and help the cute cat gobble up loads of sushi! Aim, drop, and watch him bounce his way to a full belly! Ready for some fun?

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Sushi Cat is a fun game where the main character, a cute and hungry cat, has a big appetite for sushi. The game takes you on an adventure filled with delicious sushi and bouncy challenges. As Sushi Cat travels through different levels, his goal is to eat as much sushi as he can, growing bigger and happier with every bite.

Your mission in the game is to help Sushi Cat eat at least 30 pieces of sushi in each level to make his belly full and content. It's a delightful journey where you guide Sushi Cat to munch on sushi, gain bonus points, and clear each level successfully.

How to Play

First, you'll need your mouse to move Sushi Cat left and right at the top of the screen. When you're ready, just click to drop him. Once dropped, he'll bounce around, eating sushi on his way down. Your goal is to aim well so he can eat as much sushi as possible.

You'll start by dropping Sushi Cat from the top of the screen. Once he's dropped, he'll bounce around the level, gobbling up any sushi he touches. You have a limited number of drops per level, usually about four, so you must make each one count.

There's a sushi meter on the right side of the screen that keeps track of how much sushi the cat has eaten. The minimum number of sushi pieces he needs to eat is 30, but there's often more than that in a level. Eating more than 30 gets you bonus points, and if you manage to eat all the sushi in a level, you get even more points.

What else you should know

The challenge comes from predicting how Sushi Cat will bounce after you drop him. He bounces off obstacles in the level, which can change the direction he's going and affect which sushi he eats. At the bottom of each level, there are baskets that give you additional bonus points when the cat falls into them.

As you progress through the game, figuring out the best path for Sushi Cat to take in order to eat all the sushi becomes more challenging.

Are you ready to join Sushi Cat on his sushi-eating adventure? Help him eat his way through different levels and watch him grow happily with each bite. Let's see if you can clear all the levels with a full belly and a big smile!