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🏀 Join the World Basketball Championship game and lead your cat team to victory! Pick a country, aim, shoot, and score your way to the top!

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In the World Basketball Championship game, teams of cats compete to win the title in an adorable yet competitive setting. Choose from various countries like the United States, France, or Spain, and jump into the world of feline basketball, where skills and strategy lead to victory.

Your goal? Take your team of spirited cats through exciting matches against teams from around the world. You'll start in the group stages, aiming to score your way to the top and advance through the knockout rounds. Victory by victory, you'll make your way to the finals. Can you outplay, outscore, and outlast them all to lift the championship trophy? Let's find out!

How to Play

Start your basketball journey by picking an adorable cat team, each representing a country. The tournament is split into four groups (A, B, C, and D), each packed with six countries. Your first challenge? Battle it out with the other five teams in your group. Winning enough games here is your ticket to the next rounds – it's all about climbing from the group stages to the knockout rounds, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and then the finals.

Here's how you play: with a flick of your mouse, you decide the power and direction of your shots to sink the basketball into the net. It's you against the computer, taking turns to score in five shots per match. Aim to get the ball into the net more times than your opponent to win. If you end up tied, it's sudden death – each team shoots until one misses.

Every win brings your team 2 points, propelling you forward. Only the top two teams with the most points get to move on from the group stages, facing tougher and tougher opponents as they go.

What else you should know

Getting good at controlling your shot's strength and trajectory is super important if you want to win the big games later on. Keep an eye on how far away the hoop is every time you shoot, and adjust your aim just right. 

And hey, it's totally okay to miss sometimes. Every miss is a chance to learn and get even better. Keep practicing, and you'll be a basketball shooting star in no time!

Ready to lead your team of cats to victory? Pick your country and start your journey to become the World Basketball Champion today!