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Enjoy the thrill of the competition with the Basketball Stars game! Can you score points and defeat some of the most well-known stars of the NBA?

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Score your first slam dunk with the Basketball Stars game! Have you ever wanted to feel the adrenaline rush of a big-league competition? Now you can step into the shoes of your favorite players! Whether you are looking to play a quick match or win the big prize in a tournament, this game is perfect for you!

What is your favorite American team? Chances are that you'll get to meet their star players and see how they cope on the court. Experience their coolest moves and help them make the most out of their abilities with this excellent game!

How to Play

There are so many gameplay options! We suggest you start with a quick match to get used to the controls, then move on to a tournament or playing with a friend. You will be randomly assigned a player and an opponent. Get ready to dribble!

Luckily, scoring a slam dunk is much easier in this game than it is in real life! Move your character by using the Arrow Keys! You can shoot by pressing the X Key or even perform a special move by pressing the Z Key.  However, to use each character's special moves, you will need to fill the bar in the top left corner of the screen. 

Do you want to learn more moves? If you are near an enemy, you can steal the ball or block by using the same keys. Speed is also critical! Fly by an enemy toward the hoop by double-pressing the Left or Right Arrows and performing a Dash. 

Each match is an intense 2-minute confrontation. Who can score the most points before the time runs out? Don't forget that shooting a hoop from your half of the court will score you 4 points instead of 3! 

There's more you should know!

Now that you get the basics of the gameplay, you're ready to try other gaming possibilities! The best feature of the game is the fact that you can play with a friend. Choose the 2 player option to have a friendly confrontation! Your partner can use the W, A, S, D, K, and L keys to perform the same moves as you do. Isn't that cool?

Are you in the mood to play alone? You still have many exciting ways to have fun with your favorite players. Why don't you practice a little, then head to your first tournament? You'll surely have a blast!

Can you survive a tough competition? You should start by choosing your desired difficulty level from the two options: Normal and Hard. Now, it's time for the most fun part: choosing your team! There are 16 choices, inspired by the best players and groups in the NBA. You'll get to play with the most famous payers from each team, like LeBron James, James Harden, or Stephen Curry. Each one of them has an exclusive move, so make sure you try all your favorites! 

Get ready for a thrilling match that will get your raise your adrenaline levels! Who knows, maybe you will become a pro? Start dribbling, blocking, and scoring slam dunks to experience basketball's magic from the comfort of your own home!