Basket and Ball

Bring the happy couple back together in the Basket and Ball game. Overcome the obstacles in the way, collect the stars and try to score the goal on time!

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There is a true love story between the two in the Basket and Ball game. No one can keep them apart for long because the ball always finds a way to score. Regardless of how many obstacles are in between them, somehow, they have to be together!

Your job here is to give them a hand with your basketball skills. You have to use your knowledge to get past the challenges lying ahead. Sharp nails that can deflate a ball and moving platforms are just a few of the obstacles you will face. 

How to Play

Because you will be playing as the ball, you will need to use your keyboard to guide it straight into the basket. The arrow keys will do the job quite well for you. To jump, you have to press the Space Bar, and these are all the tools you will need.

Sometimes though, you might be facing very high obstacles. In such cases, you should not panic. Ball has a special power. If you repeatedly press on the key, he will throw himself harder and harder to the ground. That way, he will begin to jump higher and higher. With a little bit of practice, you will be amazed at how high he can get. 

You should not forget at any time that balls, even basketballs, are quite fragile. Any sharp object could be a death sentence. Unfortunately for you, there are many sharp objects around, especially in this game. Some little extra care will suffice, and the ball will remain safe on his journey to the basket.

You should also remember to collect the floating stars. They contribute to your final score! To do that, you only have to bounce the ball around them. Immediately after that, they will follow you by themselves. But do not waste too much time on that because you do not have all day at your disposal. The time is quite short in this, being no longer than two minutes.

You will have lots of fun trying to figure out how to get past some nearly impossible situations. But everybody knows that everything is possible, so you would better get down to it already!