Sushi Cat 2: The Great Purrade

Sushi Cat's girlfriend is lost at the parade in the Sushi Cat 2: The Great Purrade game! Can you help him bounce through new levels and find her?

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About Sushi Cat 2: The Great Purrade Game

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Get ready for another yummy adventure with the Sushi Cat 2: The Great Purrade game! This time, Sushi Cat has a new mission - his girlfriend got lost at a giant parade, and he needs to find her! But wait – Sushi Cat has a plan: the more yummy sushi he munches on, the bigger and stronger he becomes. This might just be the key to spotting his lost love in all the crowd!

Calling all sushi-loving heroes! It's time to help Sushi Cat on a delicious rescue mission in the sequel to the popular Sushi Cat game. Gobble up as much sushi as you can to help Sushi Cat grow bigger and stronger. The bigger he gets, the easier it will be to navigate the crazy parade floats and reunite with his true love!

How to Play

Just use your mouse to move Sushi Cat left and right before dropping him into the parade madness.

Once you drop Sushi Cat, get ready for bouncy fun! He'll bump around the parade floats, barrels, and all sorts of wacky parade surprises. Every piece of sushi he munches on makes him a little bigger and a little better at bouncing off those obstacles. The more he grows, the easier it becomes to snag all the yummy sushi in each level.

There's a meter on the side that shows how much sushi Sushi Cat needs to gobble up to complete the level. But why stop there? Every extra piece of sushi you collect earns you bonus points, and who doesn't love bonus points? If you manage to snag every single piece of sushi in a level, you'll get a super awesome bonus – talk about a superstar sushi cat!

But here's the twist: you only get a few tries to drop Sushi Cat in each level, so you have to think carefully! Try to figure out the best places to drop him and the angles he'll need to bounce to reach all that yummy sushi. Just remember, the more Sushi Cat eats, the bigger he gets, and the easier it becomes to snag those tasty treats!

Tips & Tricks

- Think like a bouncy ball! The path Sushi Cat takes depends on the angles he hits when bouncing off obstacles. Study the level carefully before dropping him.

- Don't be afraid to experiment! Each level might take a few tries to figure out the best path for Sushi Cat.

- Watch out for special baskets at the bottom of the levels. Guiding Sushi Cat to fall in them earns you extra bonus points!

Are you ready for a hilarious sushi-munching, obstacle-dodging adventure? This parade needs a hero, and with your help, Sushi Cat can save the day! Click to start the fun and help Sushi Cat find his true love.

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