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Take Sushi Cat to the moon in the Sushi Catapult game! Launch him high, gobble up yummy sushi, and bounce off wacky boosters in this hilarious adventure.

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About Sushi Catapult Game

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Get ready for a hilarious and bouncy adventure with Sushi Catapult! Sushi Cat's love for sushi knows no bounds. When he hears about a Race to the moon with a lifetime of sushi as the prize, he knows he has to enter! But there's a twist – this time, Sushi Cat won't just be munching sushi; he'll be flying through the air and dodging crazy obstacles!

It's time to make Sushi Cat's dreams come true! Help him launch from a giant catapult, bounce off wacky objects, and collect as much delicious sushi as possible. The further he flies, the closer he gets to the moon – and that amazing sushi prize!

How to Play

With just a few clicks, you'll send Sushi Cat soaring through the sky. Keep an eye on the handy bounce meter and click to give him an extra boost when he needs it!

Ready, aim, LAUNCH! This is all about flying high and collecting delicious sushi. With a click, you'll send Sushi Cat soaring from his mighty catapult. Watch him bounce off birds, gobble up tasty treats, and maybe even discover a few hidden power-ups. Be careful, though – those strange mushrooms can make things a little unpredictable!

Each level has a special challenge. Sometimes you're hunting for stacks of sushi, while other times it's a race to see how far you can fly. The more sushi Sushi Cat collects, the bigger he gets, and the more bounces he earns! Keep your eye on the bounce meter – with a click, you can give him an extra boost of speed and air whenever he needs it. 

What else you should know

Speaking of boosts, watch out for birds and giant mushrooms that can send Sushi Cat flying even higher. With every bounce, he's closer to the moon and closer to earning enough sushi to buy crazy cool upgrades! 

Ready to make Sushi Cat an unstoppable flying machine? Between levels, visit the shop and spend your hard-earned sushi on awesome power-ups. Score extra bounces, get a sushi magnet to slurp up sushi without even touching it, or maybe even get some bird feed to attract more feathered friends for bouncing! The shop is full of surprises – you never know what you might find to make Sushi Cat the champion of the skies! 

Get ready for a hilarious, sushi-filled journey to the moon! With your help, Sushi Cat might just make his wildest dreams come true. Will this bouncy cat become a star-bound sushi champion? It's up to you!

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