The '90s Are All Cat

Step into The '90s Are All Cat game for a meow-sical adventure! 🐱 Click cats to create tunes, watch funny videos, and relive 90s cartoon themes!

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About The '90s Are All Cat Game

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Get ready for a purr-fectly fun adventure with The '90s Are All Cat game! It's a playful journey back to the 1990s, where you'll find a world filled with meowing cats and catchy theme songs from your favorite old-school cartoons like Doug, CatDog, and RugRats. Imagine a bunch of adorable cats, each ready to serenade you with their unique meows.

Your mission in this game is wildly entertaining. In 90s Theme Song Mode, you'll be clicking on cats marked with a green arrow, creating a meowing melody that brings the 90s back to life. In Free Play Mode, you become the conductor of a cat orchestra, clicking on any cat to hear its musical meow. It's all about enjoying the tunes and having fun with these musical felines!

How to Play

Playing is as easy as a mouse click. In both game modes, you'll use your mouse to click on the cats. Whether you're following the green arrows in the 90s Theme Song Mode or freely choosing cats in Free Play Mode, each click will produce a charming meow that contributes to your musical masterpiece.

In 90s Theme Song Mode, after a delightful session of cat clicking, you'll encounter a quirky question asking if you're ready for a "meow-tastic" video. If you're feeling adventurous, choose "I HAVE PREPARED MY MIND AND BODY" to watch a hilarious video of cats flying and meowing. If videos aren't your thing, no problem! Just select "I DON'T LIKE VIDEOS" to continue your clicking spree.

Free Play Mode is where you let your creativity shine. There's no right or wrong here – just a fun opportunity to hear a symphony of meows. Click on any cat to add its voice to your orchestra. It's a free-for-all of feline fun!

This game is perfect for anyone who loves cats, laughter, and a bit of 90s nostalgia. So, jump in and start clicking those musical cats for an experience that's sure to leave you smiling and meowing along!