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Join the Henry Danger heroes in a platform adventure with the Jump to Danger game! Choose your character and help him jump as high as possible!

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About Jump to Danger Game

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If you're a fan of Henry Danger, you shouldn't miss out on the Jump to Danger game! It seems like your favorite heroes need an adrenaline rush. Come along on their hopping adventure and help them reach as high as possible! Begin the challenge and remember: you shouldn't be scared of heights!

Just like any other platform game, your job is to keep jumping higher and higher, from one level to the other. Play as Kid Danger or Captain Man and help your chosen hero climb up and reach new heights. Try to pay attention, and don't get ahead of yourself! If you rush, you might fall off the platform! Are you ready for this challenge?

How to Play

Before you begin your adventure, you will have to choose a character between the two available ones. After that, your job is simple: use your mouse to drag your hero left and right as he climbs. If you want an even more powerful jump, you can press the Space Bar on your keyboard. You can also press X to fight, in case you come across a villain! How fun is that?

The game has only one stage, but you can choose whether you want to play on Easy or Hard difficulty to test your skills. You might be tempted to jump quickly, but remember to always have a platform to fall back on, or you might fall! You only get a few chances, so you should try to avoid rushing. Otherwise, you might need to restart your mission!

Sometimes you will come across useful power-ups, either shaped as a vial or like an arrow. Try to touch these, as they will propel you higher up! You will also get some extra hearts from time to time, which refill your health and keep you playing longer!

What else you should know

You should pay attention to the platforms because not all of them are the same! Some move, while others are greyed out and disappear after you have jumped on them once. Try to keep this in mind to avoid losing the challenge!

If you reach high enough to meet Jeff, the villain, you have to press X on your keyboard and hit him! If you try to jump on his level without a fight, you will be forced to restart your adventure. Keep that in mind and be careful!

If you earn enough points, you can also unlock your two other friends to play as! When you reach a score of 200, you will be able to choose Charlotte, while at 350 points, your reward will be Jasper! Aim for a high score to unlock all of your favorite friends!

The heroes need your help! Begin the challenge now and help them jump as high as possible!