Cat Rescue

Apple and Onion have lost their pet in the Cat Rescue game. Play as the cat and help it reach the other side of the freeway so your friends can be reunited!

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About Cat Rescue Game

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Your friends Apple and Onion are in big trouble in the Cat Rescue game! The cute pair decided to adopt a stray cat. Unfortunately, it seems that their pet got lost again. The cat will never make it back home without your help!

It's your turn to lend a hand and reunite the pair with their cat. It is stuck on the other side of the freeway, and it won't move without your assistance. You should get a good view of the highway, then use that to your advantage to get your friends together again!

How to Play

The game's objective is simple: play as the cat and help it reach the other side of the road. Before you start, you get to choose whether Apple or Onion will reunite with the pet on the other side.

Did you ever ask yourself: "Why did the cat cross the road?" Well, we don't know the answer to that, but we know what you can do to help. All you have to do is click once or tap on the screen every time you want the cat to jump. That is surely not difficult, but it requires good timing! 

Act swiftly and look in both directions! Cats may have nine lives, but you certainly don't want to use all of them! Plus, who enjoys getting hurt?

Try to avoid danger

As you already know, you need to look to the left and right before crossing a road. You should pay attention because the cat could jump too fast or too slowly! If that happens, you will have to restart the level.

Apple and Onion are worried sick! Don't linger for too long, and you will reach your friend on the other side of the road in no time! The owner will be so happy to finally hug his pet again.

Act swiftly like a cat, and remember that you should pay attention to the moving cars just like in real life. With every level, the cars increase their speed, so stay focused, and good luck!