Kingdom Force: Volcano Chase

Play the Kingdom Force: Volcano Chase game and drive away from the dangerous volcano! Pick up the speed, jump over gaps, and don't let the lava touch you!

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About Kingdom Force: Volcano Chase Game

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Join the brave animals in a race to safety from the lava in the Kingdom Force: Volcano Chase game! The volcano has erupted, and the five heroes need to get away as fast as possible! Their cars are fast, but the road is bumpy, and the lava is coming quicker than they thought! Will you help the Kingdom Force animals get away from the hot lava?

Your main task in this game is to choose a vehicle, then race to safety while avoiding getting touched by the hot lava! All roads are full of hills, bumps, and obstacles, so only a good driver can make it! You can win this race with full speed and a bit of luck!

How to Play

You can escape the lava by only using your mouse. To make your car move, click and hold. It will start moving pretty fast. You can control it by releasing the click from time to time. Sometimes it is necessary to increase or lower the speed to jump over the gaps!

You are free to select any of the Kingdom Force animals and their vehicles to start your race. However, keep in mind that each car is different and will move at different speeds!

The terrain you'll drive on also varies, so adjust your moves accordingly! For example, Norvyn, the polar bear, will race in the snowy mountains while Luka, the wolf, will do so in the forest!

Try avoiding the lava at all costs! Once it touches your vehicle, you'll have to start over! Aside from the lava, you'll also have to drive fast onto the platforms and jump over the gaps!

Are you ready to travel the world and escape the dangerous chase of the volcano? Time to drive away from the hot lava!