Cargo Bridge

The Cargo Bridge game challenges you to build sturdy bridges within a budget! Plan, design, and test your creations for the ultimate bridge-building fun.

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About Cargo Bridge Game

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In the Cargo Bridge game, you'll become a bridge-building genius! You'll get to construct various bridges over valleys, testing your engineering and budgeting skills. With each level, you face new challenges to construct a sturdy bridge, all while keeping an eye on your limited funds.

Your main task is to create strong and stable bridges. These bridges need to be good enough for workers to fetch their cargo from the other side. You'll have to think smart and be resourceful, using the budget you have to design each bridge. Ready to think, plan, and build your way to success?

How to Play

The game is controlled using your mouse. Scroll the screen by moving the mouse to the screen's edges, select bridge elements from the menu, and place them by clicking and dragging. You'll be designing the bridge in a dedicated area, carefully placing each part to ensure stability.

The game gives you a budget for each level, and it's up to you to create bridges that are both strong and cost-effective. You have two main building blocks: the 'walks' for the workers to cross and the 'connectors' to hold everything up. While connectors are lighter on your wallet, they're not for walking on, so you need to cleverly mix and match.

Your bridge-building adventure begins with a careful look at the terrain. You'll scroll around to plan where each part of your bridge should go. The building part is super fun – just pick your elements from the right menu, drag them from point to point, and watch your bridge take shape. Each element can only stretch so far, so if there's a big gap, you might need to get creative and link multiple parts together.

Did you make a mistake? No problem! You can delete parts or even wipe your slate clean and start anew. This means you can try as many designs as you want without any fuss. The real test comes when you hit the 'Test' button to see if your bridge can stand the weight of the workers and their loads.

What else you should know

As you move up the levels, the game gets trickier, throwing in more complex landscapes and tougher challenges. You'll have to think like a real engineer, balancing your budget with the need for a strong and reliable bridge.

Balance is key – use connectors to support heavier walk sections. Watch your budget and try to foresee where the most stress will be on your bridge.

Are you ready to put on your engineer's hat and build bridges that stand the test of weight and gravity? Let's start building!