Getting Over It

Play the Getting Over It game for a challenging adventure with a cat and a hammer! Swing, jump, and climb your way to the top. How far can you get?

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About Getting Over It Game

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Getting Over It is a unique arcade game where you play as a cat with a hammer, trying to climb up a mountain. Your adventure takes place in a colorful world filled with blocks and giant fruits. This game takes a twist on the popular original version featuring Bennett Foddy, swapping a man in a pot for a playful cat in a funny setting.

Your main task is to climb as high as possible. You will navigate through various obstacles using only your hammer. The goal is to master the art of climbing in this challenging world, where each move is crucial to your progress.

How to Play

The game is controlled entirely with your mouse. You'll use it to swing and extend the hammer in various directions. This is how you'll move your cat character up the mountain. Precision is key, as every movement with the mouse translates into how your hammer helps you climb.

Your journey is full of colorful blocks and giant fruits, each posing a unique challenge. As you climb higher, you'll encounter different types of platforms. Some are steady, giving you a moment to plan your next move, while others might be trickier to balance on. It's like a puzzle where you need to figure out the best way to use your hammer to move forward.

Your hammer is the key to everything. You'll use it to hook onto objects, push yourself up, or even swing across gaps. The way you swing and extend the hammer affects how you move. A small swing might help you climb a little higher, but sometimes, you'll need a big swing to leap over a larger obstacle. It's essential to understand how your movements change with different swings.

Sometimes, you might fall and slide back down to an earlier part of the game. This can be frustrating, but it's also a chance to try a different approach. Each time you fall and climb back up, you'll learn more about how to tackle the obstacles more effectively. Every climb teaches you something new about how to handle the challenges.

What else you should know

The game tests not only your climbing skills but also your patience and strategy. As you progress, the obstacles become more complex, requiring careful planning and precise movements.

A good strategy is to observe the layout before making a move. Plan your swings and leverage points, and always have a backup plan in case you slip. Remember, it's often better to make small, controlled movements than to rush and make a big leap.

This game is a delightful challenge that puts your skills to the test in a fun, unique way. It's perfect for those who love a good puzzle and enjoy mastering tricky maneuvers. Grab your mouse, take a deep breath, and see how high you can climb in this adventurous world! Ready to see how far you can get?