Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes

Solve the puzzle in the Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes game! Take advantage of all the mechanisms to reunite the most famous couple in the world!

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About Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes Game

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Are you smart enough to finish the Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes game? Your mission in this puzzle challenge is to help the first man and woman in the world find their way to each other. However, things aren't going to be easy peasy in this case! You'll need to learn how to be ingenious and use all the devices within the levels to achieve your goal. Are you intelligent enough? There's only one way to find out!

There are sixty levels for you to try!  This game includes five different environments, each one featuring twelve different stages of the game. Beware, as there is danger everywhere! Adam has managed to get tangled in a bunch of snakes. Cut them in the correct order and at the right moment to bring him in the arms of Eve!

How to Play

The rules of this game are easy to grasp. All you need to do is click and drag across the snake you wish to cut using your mouse. However, don't let this fool you! If you want to finish the game, you'll need to be swift and have a good understanding of how objects swing, bounce, and fall. Therefore, decide on your strategy carefully!

To gain the maximum score in each level, you'll need to collect all three apples. You can only do so if you know how to use all the elements from that level with precision. For instance, clouds will raise Adam towards the sky. Click on them to make them disappear before our protagonist disappears out of the frame!

Red snakes are another interesting example. They are stretched out. Therefore, after cutting them, they will propel Adam with great speed in a direction! When it comes to the dotted circles, snakes will attach to the protagonist automatically. Just launch him inside the respective area! 

There's more you should know! 

Every move you make in this game counts! Even if you figure out the correct order to cut the ropes, you'll still need to figure out the timing. As Adam swings back and forth, he will lose part of his momentum. Therefore, even the slightest delay can ruin our hero's trajectory! Oops! 

Luckily, you have the restart button at your disposal. This way, you can practice as much as you want until you get the hang of all the moves. If a level stumps, you can even skip it from the menu. How convenient!

Join Adam and Eve for a fun adventure featuring snakes, apples, and a lot of danger! Can you protect the most famous couple in the world from all the perils and bring them back together? You'll manage to do this only if you understand physics and have good reflexes.

However, you shouldn't worry, as you'll also have a blast in the company of our funny protagonists!