Peppa Pig: Jigsaw Puzzles

Fit all the pieces together in the Peppa Pig: Jigsaw Puzzles game! Can you build adorable photos of Peppa and her family out of 4, 6, and 12 jigsaw pieces?

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Become smarter while playing the Peppa Pig: Jigsaw Puzzles game! If you're a fan of the cheery pink heroine and her family, you'll surely enjoy solving puzzles with her. Choose your favorite jigsaw and recreate a photo of your favorite characters!

This game includes three different puzzle challenges. Put them together to reveal an adorable photo of Peppa! The jigsaws feature four pieces, six pieces, and twelve pieces. Have you noticed that the most advanced version features a picture of Peppa's entire family? The easier puzzles show Peppa playing with her brother and pets. How adorable!

How to Play

If you've ever done jigsaws in real life, you know they can become very messy. The small pieces get everywhere! Therefore, by the time you finish, you might find that there's a piece missing! Thankfully, this can never happen when you're completing puzzles online. All the puzzle pieces stay on the screen at all times!

Let's start building our jigsaw on the white working area on the screen! The first step is to rotate each piece in the correct position. To do so, simply click once! Each piece will spin clockwise for every click.

Next, select and drag each of the pieces to their correct location! If two pieces belong together, they'll just become glued to each other. How convenient!

If you try your hand at the advanced puzzle challenges, things can seem pretty confusing at first. There are too many pieces on the board at once! Keep your cool and start by finding the first four corners of the image. Once those are in place, build the edges of your jigsaw. Filling in the center of the picture is child's play now! 

What can be more relaxing than a session of puzzle-solving? In the company of Peppa and her colorful family, this activity can become even more delightful! The more you play with her, the smarter you'll become. Just give this challenge a try, and you'll become a master at solving jigsaws in no time!