Test your skills with the Handulum+ game if you think you're good at physics! Can you create pendulums and swing your ball past the finish line?

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About Handulum+ Game

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Have you tried the Handulum+ game? It allows you to experiment with a very cool device: the pendulum. Physics fans know that it's a simple contraption made out of a weight suspended from a pivot so that it can swing freely. Get ready to step inside a very minimalistic universe and find out the many uses of this invention!

Your goal is very straightforward: bring the ball past the blue finish line. However, you will soon find that this task can prove to be more challenging than you think! You will need a lot of practice in the beginning because your only tools are the Handulum and the laws of physics!

How to Play!

The game consists of thirty exciting levels. Each one will pose a new challenge, forcing you to learn new moves and improve your reflexes. Can you beat them all?

Can you believe that all you need to do is click? The gameplay consists of you using your mouse to click anywhere on the screen. Every time you do so, you will place a pivot and create a Handulum that makes your ball swing. Do you want to release it? Simply stop holding the Left Mouse button.

However, make sure you create a new Handulum soon! Any time the ball touches one of the red lines, the game ends, and you need to restart the level. Therefore, you shouldn't let the ball drop or crash against the walls! 

What else you should know

You should also keep in mind that once you have released the ball in the game area, you need to think fast! If you let it swing for too long, the ball will lose its energy and stop moving, forcing you to restart the level.

Throughout the game, you will come across moving obstacles, tunnels, and even portals! If you want to complete every stage, you need to learn how to play with momentum and achieve perfect timing.

Don't get discouraged! If you keep working on your skills, you might be able to finish this challenge!