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The Duck Life 4 game continues the duck racing adventures with new worlds & challenges! Outwit rivals, train in various skills, and race to victory!

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Duck Life 4 kicks off a whole new chapter in the duck racing series right after the world said no to genetically modified ducks. With colorful landscapes and a host of characters led by the reigning champ, Frank the Fire Duck, the stage is set for a showdown that's as fun as it is fierce.

This time, you get to train a team of ducks to swim, fly, and run faster than ever before. Your goal? Outrace the competition, conquer new locations, and dethrone Frank the Fire Duck. Get ready for a journey where strategy and speed lead to victory!

How to Play

The controls in this game are simple and designed to match the activity your duck is performing. Whether you're running, swimming, flying, climbing, or jumping, you'll need to press various keys on your keyboard.

Once you pick your duck from one of the three colored eggs, you'll start by focusing on improving its core skills. And that's all about training. Your duck needs to be the best in various competitions, such as running, swimming, flying, climbing, or jumping.

How do you make it happen? Through fun mini-games! Each skill has three types of games. For example, in running training, one mini-game challenges you to avoid obstacles, another tests your endurance against falling objects, and a third requires quick reactions to dodge barriers.

But training is just the beginning. The real test comes with the tournaments. Here, your duck's skills are put to the test in a series of three back-to-back races. Winning isn't just about speed; it's about how well-rounded your duck has become through training. Conquering these races unlocks new worlds to explore and more challenges to face.

What else you should know

As your ducks get better by winning races and improving skills, you unlock new areas where you can train on new skills. You'll begin in Grassland, then go to Swamp, Glacier, Mountains, City, and finally, Volcano, where you'll get to compete against Frank the Fire Duck.

Let's not forget about the coins you can snag during training. You can spend them on boosting your ducks' energy or buying cool outfits from the shop. Want more ducks on your team? You can buy new eggs with coins, too.

Here's a golden tip: you can mix and match your ducks for different races. Each duck has its own special talent, so choose wisely based on the race ahead. It's like picking the perfect player for the right position in a soccer game.

Now, are you ready to lead your ducks to glory? Jump in and let the races begin!

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