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Get your adrenaline levels through the roof with the Stunt Dirt Bike game! Prove that you are skilled enough to get past any obstacle you encounter!

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Play the Stunt Dirt Bike game to get a taste of adventure in your life! If you are into extreme sports, now you have the chance to practice dirt bike racing from the comfort of your own home. Go crazy without any fear of getting hurt or damaging your vehicle! This game allows you to ride freely through many engaging environments. Prove that you can face anything that comes your way!

This game consists of ten levels, each of them set in a different environment. The forest, the farm, and a bustling construction site are just a few of them. As you can imagine, each one of them poses different kinds of obstacles. Surpass them with precision and swiftness to get a high score!

The first step you have to take is an important decision. Which vehicle do you want to ride? In the beginning, you'll only have the bike and the ATV at your disposal. Remember that each choice has its pros and cons! Besides, there are two other options you can unlock by completing levels. Try them all for even more fun!

How to Play

It's time to drive! The controls are very straightforward. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to move forward and backward. You can tilt the driver by using the Left and Right arrows. This move is essential whenever you make a long-jump or other complicated tricks.

Try your best to keep the balance of your driver! You might have noticed that any move you make can topple over the driver. Remember that whenever you hit the ground, you have to start the entire level from the beginning. Ouch!

You have to be prepared for any type of obstacle. In the forest, you come across piles of logs and rocks. Climb over them carefully! However, on the farm and in the city, the roadblocks are much more diverse and harder to surpass. Adjust your speed and lean at the right moment to complete the level! 

It might take a few tries, but persevering will turn you into a dirt bike pro! Even if you don't manage to finish all the levels and set a time record, you'll still have a blast! There's something so relaxing about games that feature extreme sports!