Road Riot

Race along with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the Road Riot game! Master the race track, finish first, and hit the wold's charts in Tournament!

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About Road Riot Game

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Turn up your engines and get ready for a thrilling, monstrous race in the Road Riot game! It's not always about crimes and villanies in the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles world. Sometimes, the masterminds of New York City, be it, warrior of a villain, gather together for a good old monster truck race.

Each of them comes properly equipped for the event. Raph and Leo prefer the Shell Hog motorcycle for its speed and ease of maneuvering. Still, Mike and Donnie tend to stick with the Jupiter Jones Moon Buggy tank, for its shield and protection. You can also spot Meat Sweats in Rupert's Roadhouse van, Splinter, Todd, Repo-Mantis, Hypno-Potamus, and other villains.

Your job is to control your favorite character and finish the race with any truck (or motorcycle) of your choosing. In doing that, you will have to use all your skills and the ability to complete the circuit in the best time possible. Just choose your favorite character, and let's find out if you've got what it takes to hit the world's charts!

How to Play

First, you should choose a race-track between New York City's streets, Repo's Scrap Yard, or the Hidden City. Next, let's see how to control your character, shall we?

To take turns, use the Left and Right Arrow keys. The Up Arrow key is for accelerating, and the Down one is for hitting the breaks. Make sure to keep the Up key pressed while you're moving, otherwise, your vehicle will slow down.

During the gameplay, you will compete against other villains and characters. Your main goal is to finish the race fast and also be the first to get to the end line. While on the road, make sure to collect the grey sewer lids and use the Spacebar later to fire them at your enemies. That will slow them down considerably.

Another two things that you should pick up from the road are the golden coins and the protective shelters. The coins are there for extra points to your score, and the shields will grant you temporary protection from the enemy's attacks.

You can see all your stats at the top left side of the page, including the remaining sewer lids in your arsenal, score, total time, and collected coins. On the right, you have your number of laps and, very important, the position of your opponents and just how far ahead of you they are.

Tips and tricks

While on the road, it's best to avoid the mosquitoes, for they will block your view for a couple of seconds, but it will be more than enough to slow you down. The same goes for the pits in the pavement. Make sure to use the trampoline to jump over them, or you will suffer a deadly downfall. Don't worry, you will respawn and get a second chance, but it will cost you precious seconds.

In the Hidden City track, you will also encounter some useful roadcuts that will shorten your ride. Should you be lucky enough to hit them while going at such a speed, they will surely boost your time and help you catch up with your opponents.

The road twists and turns, so you might find yourself going upside down, with your controls inverted. It's a tricky job to do, and it requires excellent perspective view and motor skills. It's advisable to keep practicing in Quick Race to get the hang of it, before rushing to the Tournament and competing against the best drivers of the world.

Ready? Drift away!