Game Shakers: Dirty Blob

Help the blob of goo get to Hollywood in the Game Shakers: Dirty Blob game! Move through the dirty buildings and collect coins while avoiding the vacuum!

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About Game Shakers: Dirty Blob

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Dirty Blob must travel through many places and get to Hollywood in the Game Shakers: Dirty Blob game! After hitting his head in a skating accident, Dirty Blob thinks he's a famous star. He has to claim his award on a Hollywood stage but must first navigate through dirty city buildings and streets! Will you help him get to his destination?

Your job in this game is to help the goo blob move through the dirty environments and collect coins while avoiding the vacuum cleaner! It's a fast-paced activity that requires concentration and quick instincts! With some practice, you'll master the movement right away and reach the end goal!

How to Play

To navigate the dirty maps, use your keyboard. The Left and Right arrow keys will allow you to roll from one row to the other, while the Up arrow key can only send you forward. However, you need to be careful! You'll have to move quickly as the vacuum is chasing you closely!

As you roll through, you'll have to avoid all the baddies. They range from dirt balls to putrid cheese and old braces. The rows are packed with them, so try your best to roll past their dirty grab, or they'll slow you down, and the vacuum will catch up.

You must get through four buildings to help Dirty Blob reach Hollywood! At the same time, you can unlock the other levels by completing each run and collecting a certain amount of coins!

Lastly, you can also grab power-ups that'll help you keep your momentum and get through levels faster. For instance, the helmet allows you to continue your run even if you bump against one of the baddies. Another power-up you can collect is the skateboard, which propels you forward and grabs all the coins for a few seconds!

Are you ready to help Dirty Blob fulfill his dream and get to Hollywood? Stardom awaits!