Burrito Bison Revenge

🚀 Bounce your way through Candyland's colorful skies in the Burrito Bison Revenge game! Get ready for unique challenges and some high-flying fun!

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About Burrito Bison Revenge Game

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In the Burrito Bison Revenge game, you're about to dive into a new adventure that picks up right where its predecessor left off. It looks like our wrestling hero, Burrito Bison, realizes he lost his wallet in Candyland and must dash back into action to retrieve it.

The naughty candy creatures have taken something precious from you, and it's your job to get it back. As you fly, bounce, and smash your way through the town, you'll face many sweet challenges and meet some not-so-sweet bosses. Your ultimate goal? Travel as far as you can, earn as much money as possible, and, most importantly, get that wallet back!

How to Play

Launching yourself is simple! There's a spinning meter, and you'll want to Click or press the Spacebar right when it's in the center. This gives you a super powerful launch! As you fly, click/press the Spacebar again to activate your rocket slam ability. This will let you dive down fast, smashing any gummy bear in your path. But remember, you can't use this dive move all the time. You'll need to bounce on gummies to fill it up again.

As you soar, you'll encounter the jiggly gummies. Bouncing off these gummies can help you travel further. But some of them might carry special items and can help you even more! Like:
- Boom Balloon: This gives you a boost, sending you higher!
- Exploders: Boom! Hit them and zoom even faster.
- Money Gummy: They're like your tiny floating piggy banks; get them for bonus cash.

Plus, there are fun missions on the way. Do you think you can do a flawless launch? That'll get you some coins. Or what about squashing a bunch of gummies in one go? There's a reward for that too. And be on the lookout for those gummy cops; they have a special prize if you can land on them!

But what's all this money for? Well, in between launches, you can visit the shop and spend your hard-earned coins on various upgrades. Want to launch even more powerfully? Get some Elastic Cables. Do you wish gummies made you bounce even higher? Upgrade your Bounciness. There are lots of upgrades, each making your journey longer and more exciting.

There's more you should know!

As you bounce and fly farther enough, you'll reach the end of the current zone, where you'll come across massive doors blocking your way. You'll need to gather enough speed to smash right through them. You'll start in the Ravaged Arena zone, but you can discover new ones like the Sweet Desert or the Whipped Mountains.

The game also features some bosses you'll need to beat. First, you'll be up against Chocolate Chuck, which takes 10 perfect launches to defeat. Then you can unlock Brutus, which takes 20 perfect launches to defeat, and so on.

Want to master the game? Here's a little secret: timing is everything! Launching at the right moment and using your dive move strategically can help you go farther and earn more cash. Also, try to figure out on what upgrades it's best to spend your money first. You'll discover that some might help you move ahead faster!

Journeying through a world filled with bouncing gummies, sweet challenges, and thrilling adventures is what awaits you in this game. With so many upgrades to earn and bosses to defeat, every launch brings a new story. So jump in, and let's see how far you can take Burrito Bison on his epic journey! Ready to fly?