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Join an epic battle in the Army of Ages game! Lead your clan and evolve across different ages to defeat the alien invasion. Ready to save the world?

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About Army of Ages Game

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Dive into Army of Ages, a strategy game by ArmorGames where you're up against aliens in a battle for survival and victory. Starting with just a simple clan in the Stone Age, you're up against an advanced alien invasion threatening your world. It's a fight across time, with each era bringing new challenges and stronger forces.

Your mission is to survive the relentless alien attacks and destroy their base before they grow too strong. You'll evolve through different ages, unlocking more powerful units and weapons to fend off the invaders. It's a thrilling race against time to save your world from being overrun.

How to Play

Here's the deal: to fight off the aliens and gear up your army, you'll need some cash. And in this game, cash comes from water. Yep, you heard right! You'll send out gatherers to collect water from wells, and the further away the well, the more cash you get. But watch out! Those aliens aren't just going to sit back and let you take it. You'll need to protect your gatherers from getting zapped.

As your base grows, it automatically pumps out units to join the fight. You've got turrets to keep the aliens at bay and infantry tents to train troops for the frontline. Mixing up your troops is key; have melee fighters up front as shields with ranged warriors backing them up, and don't forget some units to take down the air units!

Every alien you take down gets you experience points. Rack up enough, and you can evolve your civilization to the next age, unlocking new, stronger units, structures, and awesome special attacks.

What else you should know

Here's a twist: evolving wipes out your current army, so you've got to rebuild fast before the aliens storm your base. Timing your special attacks right before you evolve gives you some breathing space to get your defenses up again.

With each jump through time, you're getting closer to sending those aliens packing for good. So, are you ready to lead your troops through the ages and save the world? Let's show those aliens what we're made of!