Canyon Defense

Play the Canyon Defense game and protect the town from attackers! Come up with a strategy, build towers, plan wisely, think fast, and save the day!

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About Canyon Defense Game

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In the world of Canyon Defense game, there's a peaceful town beside a winding canyon. But there's a problem! On the other side of the canyon, there are enemies who want to invade the town. Luckily, you're here to save the day! It's up to you to build towers and keep those enemies far away from the town's gates.

Your big job is to create the ultimate defense system. Make sure to hold strong until the very last wave of enemies, ensuring they never reach your base.

How to Play

First, you'll need to choose a map. There are three maps in the game, and each has different difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard. The harder the level, the faster the enemies come. So, you'll have to be quick in building and planning!

When you start, you'll see a Control Panel on the right side of your screen. This is where you choose from different towers to build. Each tower has its special way of stopping the enemies. Some can stop enemies on the ground, while others can aim at the ones in the air. 

To build, first pick a tower from the Control Panel. Then, move your mouse to a rocky spot (not the road!) and click. Your tower will be set up there, ready to defend the town. Keep an eye on the bottom of the Control Panel because it will show you which enemies are coming next. This will help you decide which towers to build.

What else you should know

If you ever feel like a tower isn't helping much, you can sell it. Just click on the "Sell" button, then click on the tower you want to sell. This way, you can get coins back and maybe buy a stronger tower!

When you're ready for the enemies to come, click on the "PLAY" button or just press the Spacebar. Your towers will start defending, and you'll see if your defense is strong enough.

Remember, every tower and every decision counts. Sometimes, the enemies come really fast, especially in the hard levels. So, think ahead, plan well, and keep your town safe!

It's time to become the hero the town needs! Let's start building the best defense and have loads of fun keeping the town safe. Ready, set, defend!