Start a digging treasure hunt adventure with the Motherload game! Dig deep, discover treasures, upgrade your vehicle, and find hidden riches!

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About Motherload Game

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Say hello to the Motherload game, a classic adventure where you get to be an astronaut miner on an alien planet! This game is all about digging deep into the ground and finding hidden treasures. Even though it came out a while ago, you can still play it today!

As the miner, your job is to dig down, find precious materials, and bring them back to sell. The deeper you go, the cooler things you find. But remember, you need to keep your mining vehicle filled with fuel and in good shape!

How to Play

Ready for some action? Let's start with the controls:

 - A/S/D or Left/Down/Right arrow keys: Dig.

 - W / Up arrow key / Left mouse button: Fly up.

Digging and flying is how you'll explore the alien planet!

In the beginning, your mining vehicle can't go very far. You'll need to come back up often to refuel and sell your found materials. But don't worry, as you sell more and more, you can buy upgrades for your vehicle at the junk shop!

There are lots of upgrades you can buy, like a bigger fuel tank, more cargo space, a better drill, a faster engine, and a stronger hull. You can even fix your vehicle at the repair station next to the junk shop. And guess what? You can buy cool stuff like extra fuel tanks and explosives!

Once you have some upgrades, you can go deeper and find even more precious things like emeralds and platinum. If you can dig down about -1000 ft, you'll start finding amazing artifacts that can give you lots of money!

What else you should know

Remember, there are more valuable things the deeper you go. Try to get down there as quickly as you can.

Use extra fuel tanks to keep digging for longer, and use your flying ability to avoid getting hurt. But be careful! If you run out of fuel, your vehicle can explode!

This game is about digging deep, finding cool stuff, and improving your vehicle. The more you play, the better you'll get at it. So grab your helmet, jump in your mining vehicle, and start your adventure!