Bush Royal Rampage

Join the action in the Bush Royal Rampage game and protect the Queen in a thrilling London adventure! Step into the role of a hero and save the day!

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About Bush Royal Rampage Game

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Imagine being the hero of the day in the bustling streets of London, right alongside the President of the United States and the Queen of England! That's what awaits you in the Bush Royal Rampage game. Here, you'll enter a scenario where London is in chaos, and it's up to you to bring peace. You'll find yourself in the shoes of President George W. Bush, with a critical mission at hand.

Your big task? Protect the Queen! The streets are filled with danger, and it's your job to keep her safe. You're not just any hero; you're the President, and the Queen is counting on you. Get ready to navigate through the streets, dodge dangers, shoot down baddies, and be the brave protector in this exciting adventure.

How to Play

Playing is easy and fun with simple controls:
- Mouse: Aim and shoot
- A: Move left
- S: Crouch down
- D: Move right
- R: Reload your weapon
- Spacebar: Swap between weapons (Note: You can only carry one weapon at a time)

The game starts with a surprising twist – shots ringing out as you chat with the Queen in a horse carriage. Suddenly, you're out in the streets, facing terrorists popping up from all corners. Your job is to guide President Bush through this chaos, making sure each terrorist is stopped in their tracks. As you clear one area, move to the next, always staying on your toes for new dangers.

In each scene, find the best hiding spots, like behind cars, and carefully take aim at the terrorists. The crosshair turns green when you can shoot and red when you can't.

Remember, innocent civilians are also around, so be extra careful not to harm them. Watch for the Press Icon, which gives you Publicity Bonuses. Accidentally injuring them, however, will cost you points.

What else you should know

Your health is crucial in this game. It's shown as a red-filled head icon in the top left corner. Keep it safe because if it runs out, the mission is over.

Staying hidden is key! Use the crouch key (S) to duck behind cars and avoid getting hit. Moving around makes it harder for bad guys to target you, but be cautious about the Queen's safety, too. It's a balance between being brave and being smart.

Get ready for a heart-pounding adventure as you dive into the role of a president-turned-hero! This game is not just about quick moves; it's about thinking on your feet and being the guardian of peace. Put on your hero's hat, grab your mouse, and let the excitement begin. Are you ready to save the day?