Bush Shoot-Out

The White House is under attack in the Bush Shoot-Out game! Aim, shoot, and help President Bush take down all the terrorists in this action-packed game!

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About Bush Shoot-Out Game

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Bush Shoot-Out is an engaging action game developed by Miniclip. President Bush finds himself in a challenging situation at the White House, needing to defend against an unexpected terrorist attack. Do you have what it takes to help him out?

Your role is to guide President Bush through different levels in the building, defeat all the attackers, and help him get out of this safe and sound. The game challenges you to be quick and strategic as you move through each stage.

How to Play

You'll only need your mouse to aim and shoot at the enemies. If you want to reload, use the R key. However, your gun automatically reloads when running out of ammo.

The game starts in the Oval Office, where the first encounter with the terrorists occurs. As Bush, you're positioned behind the safety of your desk, and from here, you need to take down the attacking terrorists. The game is structured into different levels, each representing a part of the White House under siege.

Your primary tool in the game is your mouse, which you use to aim and shoot at the terrorists. The game's aiming system is straightforward: when the crosshairs turn green, you're clear to shoot. If the crosshairs are red, it means Bush is either hit or needs to take cover.

To avoid getting hit by enemy fire, you can duck behind obstacles by moving the crosshairs below them, allowing Bush to crouch and protect himself.

As you progress through the levels, you'll encounter many enemies, each posing a different level of threat. The top bar on the screen is an essential guide. It shows the current level, how many terrorists are left to defeat, your score, your health status, and how much ammunition you have left. You must take down all the terrorists in a stage to clear it.

What else you should know

Your final score for each level is calculated based on how much damage is done to the surroundings and the bonuses you picked at the start of the game.

After completing a level, you also receive a code that allows you to resume the game from that point the next time you play. Cool, right?

A good strategy is to take cover frequently. You can do this by moving your pointer down until Bush crouches. Also, be careful not to shoot 'Innocents' as this will deduct points from your score.

Now, are you ready for an action-filled adventure inside the White House? Step into President Bush's shoes, test your shooting skills, and see if you can clear all three levels. Your thrilling mission awaits!