Bubble Trouble

Dive into a bouncing adventure with the Bubble Trouble game! 🎈 Aim, shoot, and split bubbles with precision to prove your skills and have fun!

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About Bubble Trouble Game

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Get ready for a bubbly adventure with the Bubble Trouble game, a classic challenge filled with fun and excitement! In this game, you're armed with a harpoon rifle, and your task is to pop all the bouncing bubbles. It's a vibrant world where bubbles split and bounce, keeping you on your toes.

Your mission is to shoot and burst every bubble on the screen. Each bubble you hit splits into smaller ones, making the game increasingly challenging and fun. It's all about precision, timing, and having a blast (literally) with bubbles!

How to Play

You can take on this challenge alone or with a friend. Here are your controls:

Player 1
- Left/Right arrow keys: Move left and right.
- Spacebar: Shoot.

Player 2
- X/C keys: Move left and right.
- W: Shoot

You can also customize these keys to fit your playing style!

Each level starts with a bouncing ball that you need to hit with your harpoon. When struck, it splits into two smaller bubbles, and you'll need to shoot those as well. The objective is to clear all bubbles from the screen to advance to the next level.

As you progress, the initial bubble gets larger, meaning more smaller bubbles to pop once you hit it. But watch out! If a bubble touches you, you lose a life and restart the level. You have only five lives, and it's game over if you lose them all.

What else you should know

Keep an eye on the countdown timer represented by a red bar at the bottom of the screen. You need to clear all bubbles before it runs out. 

Power-ups occasionally appear when bursting bubbles. For example, catching a clock power-up gives you more time to complete the level.

Timing is key. Learn the bubbles' bouncing patterns to shoot effectively.

Whether you play alone or team up with a friend, this challenge will test your precision and quick thinking, promising endless fun and laughter. Ready to pop some bubbles and enjoy the thrill? Let's burst into action!