Keeper of the Grove

Outwit the monsters and protect the magical crystals in the Keeper of the Grove game! Dive into this enchanting defense adventure and save the grove!

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About Keeper of the Grove Game

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Welcome to the world of Keeper of the Grove! In this game, the first in its series, your journey takes you to a mystical grove where some dazzling diamonds are under threat. It looks like greedy creatures are coming to snatch these shiny treasures! It's your job to set up defenders and protect the grove from these pesky invaders.

Get ready for some thrilling action! Your big adventure involves using nature's defenders to keep the crystals safe by building unique defenders along the path to stop the monsters in their tracks. Can you defend the grove and keep its treasures safe?

How to Play

Using your mouse, you get to choose where to place your defenders. Want to build one? Just click on a spot along the road and pick the type of defender you want. Each one has its own cool powers!

Players will encounter a range of defenders, each with special abilities and stats like Damage or Range. Here's a glimpse of what you can build:

- Sprout: Great for long shots with the best firing rate.

- Aqua Tower: Slows down the enemies.

- Stone: Does big splash damage to lots of monsters at once.

As the game progresses, upgrading your defenders becomes crucial. Clicking on a defender lets you enhance its abilities. Sometimes, depending on the situation, you might even need to sell a defender to make room for a more useful one. The game gets more challenging with each new wave of enemies, so you'll need to plan carefully!

What else you should know

Building and upgrading your defenders costs money, which you earn by defeating enemies. You also have the power to control the game's speed, allowing you to manage the pace of the action.

Pay close attention to the types of enemies coming your way and choose your defenders accordingly. Some enemies might be fast but weak, while others are slow but tough. Mixing and matching your defenders based on enemy types can turn the tide in your favor!

Lastly, there are two game modes: Normal and Hard. Players of all skill levels will find a challenge that suits them.

If you're up for a challenge that blends strategy, fantasy, and action, it's time to step into the role of the guardian and protect the grove from those who dare to threaten it. Let your journey begin!

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