Bloons Tower Defense 2

Continue your Tower Defense adventure with new towers and challenges in the Bloons Tower Defense 2 game! Pop balloons and upgrade towers to succeed!

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About Bloons Tower Defense 2 Game

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Bloons Tower Defense 2  game is the exciting sequel to the popular Bloons Tower Defense game. In this game, players are once again challenged to defend their territory from invading balloons. This time, however, there are even more types of towers to choose from and new challenges to face. Are you ready for an even more exciting tower defense experience?

The game's goal is the same: you must strategically place towers along the path to stop the balloons from reaching the end. However, this time there are even more types of towers to choose from, each with new abilities and strengths. Let's get it started!

How to Play:

Nothing changed on the controls part either. Like in the first version, you can place towers by clicking and dragging them onto the map. You can also upgrade the towers or sell the ones you no longer need by only using the mouse.

In addition to the towers from the first game, there are now several new types of towers that you can use. Here they are:

 - Road Spikes: These can be placed directly on the road. They can pop up to 10 balloons until wearing out.

 - Monkey Glue: Their purpose is to slow down the balloons. Each one can slow down up to 20 balloons until wearing out.

 - Boomerang: It will throw a boomerang that will follow a curved path back to the tower. Can pop 2 balloons at once.

With so many options, choosing your towers can get a bit tricky. Still, you must find the right combination for each situation to successfully defend your territory.

What else you should know

Now you can also choose a difficulty setting for the game between Easy, Medium, and Hard. You can start with the Easy one and up your game when you'll feel ready to.

The main budget in the game is still based on the money you earn by popping balloons. You can use the money to buy new towers or upgrade the existing ones. However, some of the costs might be slightly changed compared to the first version.

Lastly, you'll still have a limited amount of life points which will wear out with every balloon that manages to escape the maze. However, the number has increased from 40 to 100, which might give you more chances to beat the game!

With even more types of towers and the same challenging gameplay, the game is bound to keep you glued to the screen for hours. Are you ready to pop those balloons and defend your territory once again?

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