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⚡ Help Nikola Tesla save the city using electrifying strategies in the Tesla Defense 2 game! Get ready for unique battles and zap all the enemy waves!

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About Tesla Defense 2 Game

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In the Tesla Defense 2 game, a powerful military organization with cutting-edge weapons and endless soldiers has taken over the city. Just when everything seemed lost, our hero, Nikola Tesla, shows up to save the day. He's a super-smart inventor with a special talent for all things electric. Are you ready to join him and bring the city back to its people?

It's up to you to help Tesla defend the city. You'll strategically place defense towers, set up sneaky mines, and use other cool tools to stop the bad guys from getting through. Make sure you use everything you have to protect the city and beat those enemies!

How to Play

There's a tower on the left side of your screen. That's your main weapon: the Tesla Tower! Whenever you see those pesky enemies trying to get close, just click on them. Your tower will then shoot out lightning beams to zap them! But be careful: if you use it too much, it might run out of power. Don't worry, though; it charges back up on its own. 

At the top of your screen, you'll see a list of weapons, like mini towers, mines, fireballs, and other cool electric weapons! All you have to do is pick one and put it on the battlefield where you think it'll work best. Some will shoot at ground enemies, some at flying ones, and others will just explode!

Here's all you can use:

- Ground-Tower: Put this on the ground, and it'll start zapping ground enemies.

- Air-Tower: This one's for flying baddies! It'll shoot them down.

- Mine: Super sneaky! It will explode when an enemy steps on it!

- Fireball: This is like a rolling zap. Choose where it goes, and it'll roll and crash into enemies.

- Orbital Strike: The big one! Calls down huge lightning bolts, zapping everything in a larger area!

Before a wave of enemies comes, you get 30 seconds to set up your weapons on the battlefield. But remember, you can only use a few of each weapon at a time, so choose wisely! And, after using them, they need a little cooling time before you can use them again.

There's more you should know!

Now, here's a cool part: For every bad guy you stop, you earn some money! After each wave, you can use this money to get cool upgrades that will make your weapons even better! There are lots of upgrades, like making your Tesla tower stronger, letting you use more weapons at once, and many more.

In your journey, there are also achievements you can earn. Think of them as special stickers for doing awesome things! You'll get some for building a lot of towers or for defeating special enemies and others for reaching milestones in the game. It's always fun to see how many you can collect!

Want to be a Tesla Defense superstar? Always keep an eye on your energy bar. If it gets low, stop shooting for a bit to let it charge up. Also, remember that some enemies might be tougher than others. Try mixing and matching different weapons to see which combinations work best for you.

With epic battles, cool electric tools, and endless strategies to explore, every round is a new challenge. And with so many upgrades and achievements to earn, the fun just keeps on zapping! Ready to be the hero and defend the city with Tesla?