Cursed Treasure 2

Embark on an unexpected adventure with the Cursed Treasure 2! Help the Dark Overlord protect his crystals from intruders with powerful magic towers!

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You must try the Cursed Treasure 2 game if you are looking for a thrilling distraction! Anybody loves a medieval tale filled with heroes, dangerous realms, and hidden treasure. However, this time there's a twist! You will play the role of the bad guy, trying to defend the Dark Overlord's treasure of ancient magic crystals. Therefore, gather all your evil forces and start playing!

You will have the opportunity to go on a long and thrilling journey spread across six different realms. There are over 20 levels that you can complete. Are you ready for adventure? It'll take a lot of intelligence and skill to finish the entire journey. However, the funny captions will surely make you giggle as you try to win!

How to Play

If you've ever played a Tower Defense challenge before, then you must be familiar with the rules. Each level consists of a trail through different types of terrain. The cursed crystals are at the end of this path, so get ready for incoming enemies. Defend them at all costs!

Prepare for battle! In the beginning, you will need to place your defense towers. Each one of them comes with a cost of coins, so be wary of your budget!

What is more, the three types of terrain dictate which tower you can place where. For instance, you can only place a Den on the grass, a Crypt on ice, and a Demon Temple on rocks. Besides, the high ground will increase the power of your tower by 50%. Therefore, make sure you also consider it when placing your defenses!

Moreover, each type of tower has unique characteristics. Orcs fill the Den, and they will shoot at anyone passing by. Their range and damage are impressive, but the recharge rate is pretty slow.

Crypts use the power of the undead to shoot up enemies. Besides, the Demon Temples can hit enemies continuously without any recharge time. Don't forget to upgrade them whenever you can to improve their abilities during battle! After finishing a confrontation, you can also invest in skills that make your towers even better!

There's more you should know!

Now that you've decided on the location of the towers, it's time to meet your enemies. The King will send many types of troops to go against you. Can you battle simple peasants, guards, blacksmiths, and even bosses? You will need to adapt your strategy to any foe.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? A spell can always get you out of a sticky situation. However, beware that they cost as well! Therefore, you should pay attention to the mana points. You can select them from the right side of the screen, then choose where you want to use They can deal a lot of damage on the spot and save your crystals! 

When it comes to the five magic crystals, your final score depends on them. For the best result, don't let any foe touch them! Still, if you can't manage that, you have a chance to get a great score if you can stop your enemy before he walks out with the crystal. Keep at least one crystal in the playing field to finish a level with a good score and move on to the next stage of the game!

Now that you know how everything works, it's time to head into battle! Now and then, it's more fun to be the villain rather than the hero!

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