Bloons Tower Defense 4

Have a blast with the Bloons Tower Defense 4 game! Form an unlikely army, start popping balloons, and don't let any of them reach the end of the track!

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You'll spend hours playing the Bloons Tower Defense 4 game! If you think you are a pro of strategies, you can't miss out on this Tower Defense challenge. However, what makes this game truly stand out is the quirky theme! You're bound to giggle as you become the commander of an unlikely army of monkeys, sprinklers, and boomerangs. Can you guess who you are going up against? You're fighting an enormous number of balloons! 

Don't be fooled by the funny premise! This game can turn out to be nearly impossible, depending on the settings you choose. However, your mission is simple: all you need to do is pop all the balloons before they reach the finish line. Let's see if you can keep up with this unusual challenge!

How to Play

In the beginning, you'll need to decide which type of game suits you best. There are six tracks available for free. There is one Beginner course, 3 Intermediate ones, an Advanced race, and an Expert one. Pick whichever sounds more interesting!

Next, you'll have to pick out a game mode. Naturally, you'll come across the Easy, Medium, and Hard versions. The number of lives, price of items, and rounds will vary accordingly. 

What is more, there are a couple of inventive modes that you can try. Unlock the Sandbox version to enjoy an unlimited number of lives and money. Are you brave enough to face Apocalypse? Here, the balloons will never stop coming your way. Play until you run out of lives!

Finally, it's time to start shooting! At the beginning of each round, you'll receive a set amount of coins. Purchase as many shooters as you can from the menu on the right side of the screen! In the beginning, you will only have a few options. However, the shooters will get more varied as you advance. Beware, they will also get more expensive! 

What else you should know

Getting to know your shooters is very important in this game! Each has different pros and cons, as well as optimal locations on the game course. For instance, the Tack Shooter can launch missiles in eight directions at once. Therefore, it's best to place it at the beginning of the track, in a corner or intersection.

Have you heard about Boomerang Throwers? They can take out up to three balloons at once if you put them in the right location. Discover as many types as you can!

Knowing your enemy is just as useful! Depending on their color, the balloons will act differently. The regular ones are red. Pay close attention to the blue ones! They move much faster on the track. Therefore, you'll need to change the setup of your shooters, focusing on swifter ones.

Once you figure out your favorite playstyle and difficulty, this game can turn out to be quite addictive! The engaging music and colorful graphics will draw you in even more. Even if you spend hours popping balloons, don't feel ashamed! This game helps you think on the go and improves your ability to strategize. Oh, and it's also a lot of fun!

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