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Join the fun in the Bloons Tower Defense 3 game with new monkeys and exciting tracks! 🎈Get ready for an unforgettable balloon-popping adventure!

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About Bloons Tower Defense 3 Game

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The Bloons Tower Defense 3 game brings back the thrilling world of Bloons with more excitement than ever before! This new version has more tracks, new monkey towers, and lots of cool upgrades, making it a fantastic journey for new players and those who have enjoyed the earlier games. With eight diverse tracks, new monkey towers, and advanced gameplay mechanics, it's everything the fans have been waiting for.

Your mission is the same: stop the balloons, known as 'bloons,' from reaching the end of the track. But there's a twist! Bloons TD 3 introduces tougher challenges, with balloons hiding inside each other and new, stronger types that require more than just a single hit to pop. It's a strategy and quick-thinking game, perfect for anyone who loves a good challenge!

How to Play

Playing Bloons TD 3 is like being the commander of your very own monkey army. You'll use your mouse or touchpad to select different types of monkeys and place them along the tracks. Each monkey has its own special way of popping the balloons, and you get to decide where to put them for the best defense.

As you play, you'll notice that each level gets a bit more challenging. You'll start with simple balloons, but soon, you'll face ones that are tougher to pop, like the porcelain balloons and the giant MOAB. But don't worry, you have new monkey towers to help you! The Spike-o-pult launches spiky balls to pop multiple bloons, and the Monkey Beacon boosts the power of nearby monkeys. Even the basic Dart Monkeys and Tack Shooters get cool upgrades, like razor darts and blade throwers.

The game also has new strategies for you to explore. Now, you can change how your monkeys target the balloons, aiming for the first or last ones in the line. This adds a whole new level of strategy to the game! Plus, there are eight new tracks with different layouts, and some even have balloons coming from multiple directions.

What else you should know

After beating a level, you can play it again in "Free Play" mode, where you can keep playing to earn more cash and unlock more towers.

Here's a tip: start by placing your monkeys at corners or bends in the track so they can pop more bloons as they pass by. And remember, each monkey is unique – some are great for popping lots of balloons at once, while others are better for targeting the tough ones. Experiment with different combinations to find your winning strategy!

With new towers, upgrades, and challenging tracks, the game offers endless fun for both new players and Bloons veterans. So, gather your monkey troops, choose your towers wisely, and get ready for an exciting balloon-popping adventure!

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