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Enjoy a series of epic battles with the Day D: Tower Rush game! Are you ready to fight armies of dangerous dinosaurs using a fleet of robot cannons?

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Try the Day D: Tower Rush game for a breathtaking adventure in the land of dinosaurs! Rest assured that this challenge is unlike others in the Tower Defense genre. Have you ever fought ancient creatures? Now you have the chance to go back in time and confront them using a mechanical army. Doesn't it sound like one of the coolest adventures that you can have online?

You can spend hours and even days on end trying to finish this game. Prepare for a journey across four distinct eras: the Jurassic, the Triassic, Ice Age, and the Time Mayhem. Can you believe that each one of these features 20 levels of increasing difficulty? Therefore, you have 80 stages and over 200 stars to collect in this adventure. Stop hesitating, and let's get started!

How to Play

To get started, take a close look at the course in front of you. It features a road, which will become populated with enemies in just a few seconds. They will try to get inside the blue fortress at the end of the track. 

However, the blue spots should be at the center of your attention! Click on any of them and pick the type of cannon you want to place there. Beware of your budget! Each robot you add will require you to spend some of your precious bones. Besides the ones you receive at the beginning of each round, you can earn more by killing dinosaurs. 

Let's start playing! Whenever you complete the set-up part, press the play button in the lower-left corner of the screen to release the first wave of enemies. As they advance, your cannons will try to destroy them. Each time one breaches your defense, you'll lose one of your precious lives!  

Keep in mind that each of the robots has strengths and weaknesses! For instance, some of them have longer ranges and stringer missiles. However, they move slower and ineffective against certain foes! What is more, each type of robot is better suited to certain positions on the battlefield. Make sure you take this into account when devising a defense strategy!

What else you should know

How much do you know about dinosaurs? You'll discover plenty of fascinating species throughout your journey. Naturally, each type has abilities that you need to think of when choosing a tactic. For example, the Fast-Oh-Saurus is very fast but has low health. On the other hand, the Spinosaurus is a swift and resistant species. Deal with both of them carefully!

There are plenty of upgrades and perks to spice up the gameplay. You can access them by gathering I-volve points. Collect as many as you can during a level, then use them to improve your robots' power and range. You can also lower the cost of each machine in your army.

Alternatively, you can also invest these valuable assets in better positions on the battlefield. They improve the characteristics of any machine you put there, like its range and power. That's so helpful when you have many incoming enemies!

You still have a lot to discover in the realm of dinosaurs! Each level will feature a different track, with new enemies. Can you keep up with all the incoming waves? In time, you'll become better at adapting your strategies and using all the bonuses to your best advantage. Unleash the power of technology and use it to destroy the menacing dinosaurs!