Pepe Pillz 2

Go on a wheelchair race with the Pepe Pillz 2 game! Can you help Mr. Herbert hop over all the obstacles to escape the terrifying nurse and find freedom?

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About Pepe Pillz 2 Game

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Give the Pepe Pillz 2 game a try if you want to prove your speed and agility in a wheelchair race! The protagonist of this adrenaline-raising race is very unlikely. Who would've thought that an elderly man in a wheelchair can be a menace on the road? You have the chance to help him escape the hospital and go on an adventure. Join him for a ton of thrilling fun!

The game consists of multiple stages, each one of them featuring more obstacles than the previous. Can you navigate through all of them and help our hero escape? The hospital can be such a dark and depressing place. Therefore, Mr. Herbert needs to use his wheelchair to jump over all the obstacles coming his way. Help him out!

How to Play

Are you agile? Do you have good reflexes? This game will be a challenging test of your skills. Therefore, you'd better get familiar with the controls quickly. For a simple jump, all you need to do is click anywhere on the screen. For a double jump, you can simply double-click.

Every once in a while, the obstacles will be too high to jump over. Therefore, you'll need to press the Space Bar to slide under an object.

You won't believe what objects you will come across! The obstacles on your route include traffic cones, bushes, benches, food trucks, and even other people. Figure out the best way to move past them quickly! If you crash into any of them, you'll need to restart the respective stage of the game.

What else you should know

What is more, you only have three lives. As a result, you can only die three times before you need to restart the game from the very first stage. Yikes!

Do your best to get away from the frightening nurse! She doesn't look gentle or nurturing at all. Your final score depends on how many meters you have managed to travel without getting caught.

Don't get discouraged! This game is one of the toughest jumping challenges online. However, it's also a lot of fun! Give it a try, and you won't be disappointed!