Polar Force

Play the Polar Force game and help Ice Bear to clean the streets and get rid of all the nasty robots. Avoid getting hit by enemies, or you'll lose lives!

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Exercise your fighting skills with the We Bare Bears: Polar Force game! Fighting, especially the martial arts type, requires great skills. From patience and calmness to physical power and discipline, none of these can be acquired overnight. They all need time and perseverance. This is the only method of becoming a great warrior that can fight against evil powers with dark desires.

If you choose to follow this path, you must know the old quote: "great power comes with great responsibility". This is something that Ice Bear knows very well. He wants to take revenge on the evil robots that did him harm a while ago, and he has prepared for that.

See whether you are fit for the challenge and come here to play and smash a few robot heads. Go through all the levels and clear the streets of any nasty and hateful machines!

How to Play

Choose the level and hit the play button. Once the game begins, there is no time to waste; spot any incoming danger and prepare to attack. To begin with, watch your opponents while they are getting closer and closer to you. Next, when the line turns blue, the enemy should be close enough to be hit. Depending on which side turns blue, hit the arrow key that points in that direction.

Once you do that, the Polar Bear will attack using his famous martial art moves. That will leave the enemy with no other option than to return to his mechanical mommy to cry on her circuits.

At first, you will face robots that you can knock pretty quickly. They will not come so fast after you, so now it is your time to practice your moves. There is a small screen below each robot, with a number written on it. That number represents how many times you have to hit it to knock it out for good.

Some robots need only one kung fu arm or leg and will pass out effortlessly, but others require two or even more. So, later on, you might sweat a bit trying to fight all those.

There's more you should know!

Once in a while, some dog-looking machine will come after you looking for trouble. Unlike any other mainstream robot, this robot is harder to beat, but of course, not impossible. Just follow the arrow signs above you that tell you which direction you should use to beat that thing.

Because it moves so fast from one place to another, Ice Bear needs to use his special warrior abilities to foresee where to strike next. Make great use of those powers and make sure that you defeat any monstrosity made up of metal and wicked circuits.

During the fights, you might find some weapons dropped by the enemies when they were knocked out. Grab them fast and use them against whoever you want for a slight advantage.

Fight with great care to preserve your lives until you reach the final boss, who will surely be a whole new challenge.

Good luck, and may the martial arts God be with you!