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About Impawsible Fame Game

What an awesome idea! The lovely bears from the We Bare Bears cartoon want to build a tower entirely out of bears in the Impawsible Fame Game. They really need your help to protect it from the attackers. Can you do it?

Build the highest tower of bears and beat all the records ever. All you need to do is to drag the bears from the boxes and place each one of them on the top of the tower. The bears will appear in the boxes into a specific order. Just remember to arrange the bears in the correct order. Every bear that is correctly placed will give you an additional combo, and it will also increase your scores. Pay attention so that you know which of the bears appeared first. If you place the bears incorrectly, that will decrease your score and reduce your combo. If you want to increase your scores, make sure to tap on the falling food to collect a bonus combo. You will get certain notifications the higher you get in your tower. But be careful, because you will also have to shoo Nomnom or the pigeons away from the tower by simply tapping on them. If you let them get to your tower, they will make it fall, and you will have to start again. If it takes you too long to place the bears, one of them might want to jump off so act fast and keep on putting the bears one on the top of the other.

Let's build the tallest tower of bears that the world has ever seen. Only you can help the fuzzy bears do this. Protect the tower, make it higher by placing the bears on each other and collect all the combos. Did you get it all? Then come and play!

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