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Try the Super Onion Boy game to enjoy a retro platform adventure filled with cute characters! Can you squash the foes and rescue the lovely princess?

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About Super Onion Boy Game

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You'll love the Super Onion Boy game if you are a fan of vintage-style platformers like the ones featuring Mario! If you are feeling down, the adorable graphics and joyful atmosphere of this game will certainly cheer you up. Let the colors, music, and sound effects transport you to a charming garden, where you will meet a beautiful princess!

Are you ready to take on the role of an unlikely hero? You will be a brave little onion bulb on a quest to find the kidnapped princess. Can you make your way to her and defeat all the adorable, yet mighty foes?

Learn how to control Super Onion Boy!

The game consists of fifteen levels of increasing difficulty. You start in the Green Forest, but who knows where you will end up? Unlock all the levels to see how Super Onion Boy's adventure plays out!  

Can you get used to the controls? They are very intuitive. Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to move your hero through the scene. You can jump by pressing the X key. Do you want to go up some stairs or down a tunnel? Use the Up and Down Arrow Keys. Isn't that simple?

The goal of each level is to reach the finish line, represented by a little blue drop of dew. Naturally, you will face many obstacles along the way. What is more, you will need to be on the lookout for coins and stars to reach the high score list!

Can you make it to your destination before the 300 seconds run out? The faster you are, the more points you'll score in the end. Hurry up!

Useful Tips and Tricks

Ouch, that hurt! You can avoid enemies at all costs to safely reach the end of the level. However, you will earn extra points if you face and defeat the evil oranges, cherries, peaches, and other foes in the garden! Can you jump on top of them? The catch is that some of them will take more than just one strike to go down. 

A nice feature of this game is the fact that you can collect awesome power-ups throughout your journey. Don't forget to tap all the platforms from underneath to uncover coins and extras! For example, you can receive extra lives or even a protective bubble!

Did you know that you can also shoot? Pick up the red potion power-up and press the Z key to obliterate your opponents from afar. Isn't that cool?

Don't forget to explore your environment carefully for extra points! You can access hidden areas by sliding down the pipes with a question mark hovering over them. Keep a close eye for other hidden locations, such as tunnels or especially the high ledges, if you want to reach a high score. Have you ever seen so many coins in one place?

Join Super Onion Boy on a charming and challenging platform game! Can you survive this magical adventure and rescue the beautiful princess?