Gogi Adventure

Join your friend and travel around the world together in the Gogi Adventure game! Collect all the stars and see how long you can avoid the monsters!

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About Gogi Adventure Game

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Travel around the world with your pal in the Gogi Adventure game! If you have ever played any of the Super Mario games, then you should be familiar with the concept. You're playing as a little man with a mustache, and you have to collect all the stars. Do you have what it takes to complete this challenge?

In this mission, you will keep spinning around the globe, trying to reach your goal. For each level, you will have to collect three stars while avoiding all the obstacles. You will need quick reaction skills because your enemies are fast! Do your best, and don't get caught unless you want to lose your progress!

How to Play

The controls are very straightforward, so don't be scared to begin your adventure! Your character will start to move by himself, and all you have to do is jump. To do so, just use your mouse and Left-click on the screen, and you will safely avoid the obstacles.

During your travels, you will come across monsters such as mushrooms with sharp teeth or carnivorous plants. They will follow you around the world, and you have to do your best to avoid them.

You only get three lives, and you lose one every time they touch you. You should try not to waste your tries, or you will have to restart the game from the beginning! 

How far will you be able to make it? The mission consists of multiple stages of increasing difficulty. The more you help Gogi progress, the harder it'll be to avoid your enemies! Pay attention to the screen and use your quick reaction skills to jump at the right time. 

Are you ready to begin your adventure? Join Gogi and travel around the world together! Stay out of danger and help your friend complete his journey!