The Zodiac Attack

Go on a thrilling adventure with The Zodiac Attack game! Are you agile enough to overcome all obstacles and help Spider-Man fend off the terrorists?

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With The Zodiac Attack game, you have the chance to become the hero of your very own Spider-Man story! Aren't you excited to find out more about your favorite hero and handle his awesome powers and abilities? Now is your moment to shine!

What happened to Peter Parker and his Avenger allies? Unfortunately, their headquarters are under attack! But who would dare to face Nick Fury and his incredibly powerful friends? Zodiac is a terrorist organization that aims to take over the world. Their leader, Scorpio, is one of the most menacing foes in the entire Universe! 

Can you face him and his terrifying army? The faith of the entire Universe is in your hands! There's only one way to find out how all this turns out!

Learn how to master your incredible powers!

The game consists of eight thrilling levels, which will have you battling all sorts of brutal enemies and face unexpected obstacles. They are arranged in two exciting parts of the story: the Zodiac attack and defeat the Zodiac.

But what's the goal? You have to reach the end of the level safely while taking down all the guards and foes that might come in your way. 

Don't get too intimidated! You start easy, with an introductory level, then work your way up to bigger and better adventures. Aren't you excited?

Now, it's time to play! The gameplay is so intuitive and similar to other adventure platformers that I'm sure you'll be jumping and shooting in no time! To move your character, simply use the Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard. Press Up to jump or climb up, and Down to slide or climb down. Easy as pie, right!

Let's get on with the fun part! As Spider-Man, you boast many incredible abilities that can help you get over any obstacle much easier!   Press X to shoot, C to kick, and swing around on your web by hitting the Z key. However, keep in mind that you need special Spider platforms for your web to stick! 

Become a better gamer with just a few changes to your strategy!

The best part of this game is the fact that it's so action-packed and dynamic! To begin with, you should remember that the clock never stops ticking! Can you believe that you only have 750 seconds to reach the end of the level? This undoubtedly adds some extra pressure to your thrilling adventure!

What is more, increasing your score isn't an easy feat! Extras such as the red spider icons will grant you extra points, but going after them will also make your mission take longer. Therefore, you should take everything into account and see if that extra jump or swing is worth it!

Moreover, there are certain tricks that this game will try to play on you! For instance, some of the web-swinging platforms regularly activate and deactivate. You can decide on the right time to jump by checking the color! If you see green, you're good to go! Are you smart enough to think on your feet, or will you struggle with the same level forever?

Thankfully, this game also boasts many features that will help you advance faster! For instance, keep an eye out for hidden corners and paths made out of bonuses! Some of them will lead you to a health bonus, or even an extra life! Isn't that cool?

Get ready to jump into an adventure like no other, joined by one of the coolest superheroes in the history of comic books! Are you prepared to test out your reflexes, cleverness, and ability to keep your cool? This game will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours!

How fast can you reach the final level?