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🛡️ The Warlords: Call to Arms game brings thrilling strategy battles to your fingertips! Ready to lead your army to victory and conquer the map?

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About Warlords: Call to Arms Game

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Warlords: Call to Arms is a strategy game where you get to lead your chosen faction in battles across various terrains. In this game, you'll enter a world of tactical warfare, commanding different types of soldiers. Each faction and soldier type brings its own unique style to the game, making for a diverse and engaging experience.

Your main goal is to conquer territories and emerge victorious in a grand battle of wits and strategy. As the leader of your troops, you must cleverly deploy your soldiers across the battlefield and outmaneuver the enemy to claim victory and dominate the land.

How to Play

You can play the game alone or with a friend on the same computer. Here are your controls:

Player 1
- W/S: Move the lane arrow up and down
- A/D: Cycle through the available units
- Spacebar: Deploy Unit

Player 2
- Up/Down arrow keys: Move the lane arrow up and down
- Left/Right arrow keys: Cycle through the available units
- Enter: Deploy Unit

Your battlefield consists of 8 lanes. You'll control a yellow arrow on the left side of the screen that indicates where you will send your soldiers into battle. To move this arrow up or down the lanes, simply use the W and S keys or the Up and Down arrow keys.

Choosing which type of soldier to send into battle is a key part of your strategy. You can cycle through your available soldiers at the top of the screen - your selected unit will get highlighted in red. Each soldier type has its own strengths and weaknesses, making your choice important depending on what enemies you're facing.

When you're ready to send a soldier into battle, just press the Spacebar to release him. But keep in mind there's a cooldown timer for each type of soldier - meaning you'll have to wait a few seconds until a new soldier of that type is ready for deployment.

Another cool feature is the charge ability. After achieving 20 kills, you get a charge, allowing you to release a wave of soldiers – one in each lane. This is indicated by a red arrow - activate it by pressing Q. Using the charge at the right time can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Game Modes

The game features two game modes:
- Campaign: Choose a race and start your quest to conquer the land. Earn money by defeating enemies and use it to upgrade or buy new units. Your mission is to gradually capture the map.
- 2 Player Battle: Challenge a friend or the computer in a single battle on the same device.

Either way, the game's objective is the same: move your men across the map to the enemy's side while stopping their soldiers from reaching yours.

As your soldiers successfully cross to the other side, you'll see the territory bar at the top of the screen move to the right. If the enemy makes it to your side, the bar moves to the left. Winning can be achieved in two ways: either by moving the territory bar all the way to the right or being ahead when the timer runs out.

Races Overview

Here's a glimpse into the various factions you can command, each with its own strengths and special story.

Human Alliance: This faction is a united group of humans from different regions, all loyal to one king. They are known for their skill in crafting, giving them the toughest armor in the game.

Night Elves: These mysterious elves are usually active at night and hidden during the day. They are exceptional archers, drawn out in daylight only by the urgency of war.

Orcs of the North: Known for their strength, these orcs thrive on the thrill of battle. Their chaotic nature makes them formidable green-skinned warriors.

Wood Elves: These elves that live in forests and woodlands have a deep respect for nature. They are dedicated to defending their natural homes at all costs.

Orcs of the South: These orcs have faced oppression and have grown a deep hatred for others. They seek vengeance and believe that now is their time to rise.

The Undead: Brought back to life by a powerful necromancer who is now gone, these warriors do not die naturally. They can only be defeated in battle.

Men of the West: A breakaway kingdom of men who no longer serve the king. They pride themselves on their finely crafted swords and their skill in using them.

Mountain Trolls: These trolls driven from their homes now live in cold, icy places where others dare not go. Their giant warriors make them a feared force in the land.

Strategies and Tips

Use ranged attackers against enemies with strong attacks but weak armor. They can hit hard from a safe distance.

Even if you have some extra tough units, remember each still counts as one unit. So, it's smart to send some less strong units on the path that they clear. This way, you can increase the number of troops on the enemy's side.

If you see a big group of archers, they can be tricky to get close to. A good idea is to wait until they come near your side, then send lots of swordsmen at once.

For enemies who ride horses or other creatures, it's best to use a few units with a really strong attack, like halberdiers or battle axemen. They can take down these fast enemies effectively.

If you're facing a really tough unit that's hard to beat, sometimes it's better to just let it be and focus your soldiers somewhere else where they can be more helpful.

This game offers a blend of strategy, quick thinking, and exciting battles, making it a perfect pick for those who love to outsmart their opponents. Ready to gather your troops and start your quest for victory?